Hedgehogs Class blog 2.11.18

We have been giving clear instructions to each other to show how we get changed for PE. Lacie

You need to follow instructions step-by-step. Evie

Today I could smell a smell of a creature. Lily-Rose

We found clues down by the pond. A footprint was in the grass and we had to be very quiet so the creature didn’t run away. Primrose

I found an inflatable club and I think it might belong to a troll. Arthur

We saw a tent. It might have been Caveman Dave’s tent. Aeryn

Alfie has enjoyed coming back to school and playing with his friends Harley, Charlie and Elle.

Charlie and Toby have enjoyed playing football on Fit Friday.

Isabella has enjoyed riding on the balance bikes and gliding on them.

Henry Easthall enjoyed learning the day time and night time animals. The night time animals are called nocturnal animals.

Blake enjoyed doing the wordsearch about number words.

Hedgehogs Class Blog Week beginning Monday 1st October 2018

I enjoyed listening to music by Vivaldi. I liked the ‘Spring’ music, it sounded quite evil sometimes. – Blake

I enjoyed learning about orchestras. I enjoyed learning about the string instruments. – Arthur

I enjoyed learning about subtraction calculations. – Elle

I enjoyed writing a story about finding something. I enjoyed creating my own story and then writing it down. – Primrose

I enjoyed writing down and working out subtraction calculations in my maths book. – Lacie

I liked doing balance-ability outside. – Aeryn

I enjoyed doing outdoor learning – I liked making my name out of natural objects. – Stanley

My favourite thing this week was subtraction and taking away from 10 (number bonds). – +Charlie

I enjoyed creating my own story and then getting it videoed on the iPad. – Evie

I liked doing my addition and subtraction calculations. – Kaia

I enjoyed having my story recorded on the iPad. – Isabella

I enjoyed learning about music. When I grow up, I will have lots of guitars. – Toby

I liked doing my subtraction calculations. – Lily-Rose

We liked creating paintings of instruments. – Hedgehogs class

I painted a picture of a guitar. – Farrah

I painted a picture of a drum. – Charlie

I painted lots of different types of instruments. I painted a drum, a xylophone and a drum. – Blake

I made a lego guitar. – Alfie

I made a guitar out of plastercine. – Peter

I made a humungous drum with black paint – it took ages! – Harley

I made an instrument a guitar out of plastercine. – Dexter

I made a drum out of clay! It took me a long time because I had to put in a lot of detail. – Elle

Hedgehogs class blog Week beginning 24th September

I enjoyed delivering all the letters in outdoor learning. – Arthur

I liked learning about Elmer. – Isabella

I liked learning about Kandinsky and doing the Kandinsky artwork. – Zach

I liked making the milk bottle Elmer. – Elle

I enjoyed learning about shape in maths – it was super good! – Harley

I liked playing with my friends at choosing time – Madeline

I liked doing outdoor learning! – Aeryn

I liked sorting all the sounds in our outdoor learning session. – Lacie

I enjoyed doing my Maths and English in my learning books. – Primrose

I enjoyed doing maths! – Thalia

I enjoyed all the stories in story time phonics. – Evie

I enjoyed doing phonics. – Blake

I liked making my milk bottle Elmer. – Bella

I enjoyed learning about Kandinsky and creating artwork. – Dexter

I enjoyed PE with Mrs Ash. – Toby

I liked playing with my friends at break time. – Stanley

We enjoyed when the phonics fairy visited our class to deliver our new sound and our book. – Alfie

Hedgehogs class blog Week beginning 9th September 2018

I liked using the building blocks to make a farm with my friends. – Charlie

I enjoyed making my hedgehog. – Lacie

I enjoyed doing PE, whilst running and playing games. – Stanley

I liked earning a silver sticker to enter the raffle. – Evie

I enjoyed doing my writing, doing my colour poem. – Primrose

We did some writing about colours and I enjoyed doing this. I earned a silver sticker. – Toby

We played lots of games in PE. I enjoyed running around and doing 3 laps. – Zach

We used paint to make hand-print leaves for the tree. I enjoyed painting everyone’s hand for the display. – Mrs Filmer

I enjoyed doing maths – doing my times tables and getting a gold sticker. – Blake

During choosing time, I enjoyed writing a book with my friend. – Elle

I enjoyed playing with my friends outside at playtime. – Aeryn

I enjoyed PE because I was running. – Bella

I enjoyed doing PE and doing running. – Dexter

We enjoyed reading a ‘True or False’ book about colours. We found this very funny! – Hedgehog class

I enjoyed eating the cucumelons that we grew in our school garden. – Charlie

I liked playing with my class and going on the computer. – Alfie

I enjoyed playing with my friends in PE. – Kaia

We thought of lots of different things that were particular colours. – Hedgehogs class