Hedgehogs Class blog 2.11.18

We have been giving clear instructions to each other to show how we get changed for PE. Lacie

You need to follow instructions step-by-step. Evie

Today I could smell a smell of a creature. Lily-Rose

We found clues down by the pond. A footprint was in the grass and we had to be very quiet so the creature didn’t run away. Primrose

I found an inflatable club and I think it might belong to a troll. Arthur

We saw a tent. It might have been Caveman Dave’s tent. Aeryn

Alfie has enjoyed coming back to school and playing with his friends Harley, Charlie and Elle.

Charlie and Toby have enjoyed playing football on Fit Friday.

Isabella has enjoyed riding on the balance bikes and gliding on them.

Henry Easthall enjoyed learning the day time and night time animals. The night time animals are called nocturnal animals.

Blake enjoyed doing the wordsearch about number words.