Hedgehogs class blog Week beginning 9th September 2018

I liked using the building blocks to make a farm with my friends. – Charlie

I enjoyed making my hedgehog. – Lacie

I enjoyed doing PE, whilst running and playing games. – Stanley

I liked earning a silver sticker to enter the raffle. – Evie

I enjoyed doing my writing, doing my colour poem. – Primrose

We did some writing about colours and I enjoyed doing this. I earned a silver sticker. – Toby

We played lots of games in PE. I enjoyed running around and doing 3 laps. – Zach

We used paint to make hand-print leaves for the tree. I enjoyed painting everyone’s hand for the display. – Mrs Filmer

I enjoyed doing maths – doing my times tables and getting a gold sticker. – Blake

During choosing time, I enjoyed writing a book with my friend. – Elle

I enjoyed playing with my friends outside at playtime. – Aeryn

I enjoyed PE because I was running. – Bella

I enjoyed doing PE and doing running. – Dexter

We enjoyed reading a ‘True or False’ book about colours. We found this very funny! – Hedgehog class

I enjoyed eating the cucumelons that we grew in our school garden. – Charlie

I liked playing with my class and going on the computer. – Alfie

I enjoyed playing with my friends in PE. – Kaia

We thought of lots of different things that were particular colours. – Hedgehogs class