Hedgehogs class blog Week beginning 24th September

I enjoyed delivering all the letters in outdoor learning. – Arthur

I liked learning about Elmer. – Isabella

I liked learning about Kandinsky and doing the Kandinsky artwork. – Zach

I liked making the milk bottle Elmer. – Elle

I enjoyed learning about shape in maths – it was super good! – Harley

I liked playing with my friends at choosing time – Madeline

I liked doing outdoor learning! – Aeryn

I liked sorting all the sounds in our outdoor learning session. – Lacie

I enjoyed doing my Maths and English in my learning books. – Primrose

I enjoyed doing maths! – Thalia

I enjoyed all the stories in story time phonics. – Evie

I enjoyed doing phonics. – Blake

I liked making my milk bottle Elmer. – Bella

I enjoyed learning about Kandinsky and creating artwork. – Dexter

I enjoyed PE with Mrs Ash. – Toby

I liked playing with my friends at break time. – Stanley

We enjoyed when the phonics fairy visited our class to deliver our new sound and our book. – Alfie