Owls Class Blog 9.10.2020

What a couple of busy weeks we have had in Owls class.

We have been learning about the 4 seasons and have been using our senses to find out about Autumn. We have thought about the food we eat, where it comes from and how it is harvested.

Oi Frog! (Oi Frog and Friends): Amazon.co.uk: Gray, Kes, Field, Jim:  9781444910865: Books The Harvest Festival and the Month of Plenty - Harts Barn Cookery School

We have learnt that Christian people celebrate Harvest Festival to show they are thankful for the food God gives them. Jewish people also celebrate harvest and this festival is called Sukkot.

We have been learning to hear and spell rhyming words through our English work and have been working on one more and one less in our Maths.

Here’s what the children in Owls class had to say about their learning;

Ella, Jack, Leo, Louie and Lucas have all enjoyed learning about Harvest while Phoebe and Rosie have enjoyed drawing combine harvesters.

Securing Your Sukkah in the Wind | The Jewish Federation in the Heart of  New Jersey

Joshua enjoyed learning about Sukkot. “I liked drawing a Sukkah. They eat in it.”

“I liked writing my Autumn poem,” said Poppy.

Aladdin - Friend Like Me | Classic disney songs, Disney songs, Aladdin Eddie-Rose, Marisa, Matthew, Mia, Nancy and Sophie have all enjoyed the maths work we have been doing to find the number one more or one less.

“I like moving to the music in PE,” said Pippa.

The rest of us have just enjoyed being back at school and being able to spend time with our friends during snack time, playing in the forest, racing around the daily mile track or in the classroom.

Owl Class Blog 6.3.20

“I enjoyed making a dinosaur landscape out of paper mache.” Archie

“I enjoyed making paper plate dinosaurs.” Bailey

“I’ve enjoyed making a stegosaurus text map.” Mya

“I’ve enjoyed riding my bike.” Joseph C

“I enjoyed creating a dinosaur forest in the style of Henri Rousseau.” Emiliana

“I enjoyed dressing up as an adjective for world book day.” Isabelle. 

“I enjoyed making a model with Freddie.” William

“I enjoyed making an ichthyosaur!” Mia

“I enjoyed looking at large numbers using the part part whole in maths.” Annabelle

“I enjoyed going on the bikes, I can now pedal without stabilisers!” Freya

“I enjoyed riding my bike on the grass.” Evie

“I created a dinosaur out of counters!” Elsie

Owl and Hedgehog Class Blog 14.02.20

“I liked doing music, singing hey you!” Tayler

“I liked making wood cookies in the forest.” Logan

“I liked using the greater than and less than symbols in maths.” Gracie

“I’ve enjoyed practising our assembly.” Thea

“I enjoyed going on the bikes and trikes.” Jacob

“I enjoyed practising our class assembly showing the star pictures that we have made.” Freddie

“I enjoyed making a fishing rod in the forest.” Sophia

“I’ve enjoyed practising my lines for the class assembly.” Harley-Reece

“I enjoyed writing, describing a setting using adjectives and similes.” Elsa

“I enjoyed doing poetry.” Mia

“I enjoyed making a bow and arrow in the forest.” Broden

“I enjoyed doing my lines for assembly.” Freya

“I liked finding worms in the forest area.” Ellamea

“I liked writing poems.” Beau

“I enjoyed playing in the mud kitchen.” Phoebe

“I’ve been looking after people at play times.” William

“I enjoyed digging in the mud kitchen.” Thomas

“I enjoyed reading a book in the forest area.” Evie

“I enjoyed learning about poetry.” Bailey

“I enjoyed our class assembly.” Isabelle.

“I enjoyed learning about cinquain poetry” Jesse