Owl Class Blog 6.3.20

“I enjoyed making a dinosaur landscape out of paper mache.” Archie

“I enjoyed making paper plate dinosaurs.” Bailey

“I’ve enjoyed making a stegosaurus text map.” Mya

“I’ve enjoyed riding my bike.” Joseph C

“I enjoyed creating a dinosaur forest in the style of Henri Rousseau.” Emiliana

“I enjoyed dressing up as an adjective for world book day.” Isabelle. 

“I enjoyed making a model with Freddie.” William

“I enjoyed making an ichthyosaur!” Mia

“I enjoyed looking at large numbers using the part part whole in maths.” Annabelle

“I enjoyed going on the bikes, I can now pedal without stabilisers!” Freya

“I enjoyed riding my bike on the grass.” Evie

“I created a dinosaur out of counters!” Elsie