Hedgehogs Blog 21.5.21

“I enjoyed making a dragon that breathes fire and then writing instructions on how to make it.” Tilly

“I enjoyed making a dragon machine out of junk!” Lily T

“I enjoyed writing instructions on how to make a dragon.” Alice

“I enjoyed everything.” Mabel

“I liked halving shapes in maths.” Reggie

“I enjoyed making my dragon cup and making it breathe fire!”Daniel

“I enjoyed painting my clay model.” Jessica

“I enjoyed drawing a plan for a dragon machine.” Sofia

Hedgehog Blog 14.5.21

“I enjoyed painting my dragon using watercolours.” Alice

“I enjoyed cooking marshmallows over the fire in Forest school.” Amelia

“I enjoyed everything!” Ben

“I enjoyed creating a dragons eye with clay” Daniel

“I enjoyed creating a dragons eye using clay too.” Esame

 “I enjoyed using pastels to create a dragon eye!” Chris

“I enjoyed writing my dragon poem.” Darcie-Mai

 “I enjoyed doing maths.” Harry

“I enjoyed writing similes about my dragon in English.” Isaac

“I like drawing dragon eyes.” Isla

“I enjoyed having toasted marshmallows!” James

“I enjoyed using clay and watercolours this week.” Jess

“I have enjoyed everything!” Jude

“I enjoy doing Maths.” Laura

“I enjoyed seeing Miss Brice and Mrs Bone.” Lily T

“I enjoyed doing times tables.” Lottie

“I enjoyed writing my dragon poem up neatly.” Mabel

“I enjoyed writing my dragon poem.” Tilly

“I enjoyed creating dragons eyes with pastels and clay.” Sofia

“I enjoyed doing Maths.” Reggie

Hedgehog Blog 7.5.21

“I enjoyed playing in the mud kitchen!” Tilly

“I made a fashion book with Lily H” Lottie

“I liked playing playdough” Isla

“I enjoyed seeing Miss Brice”  Harper

“I enjoyed learning with Miss Brice and Mrs Bone” Willow

“I liked playing with Daniel.” Reggie

“I liked drawing a dragon eye!” Chris

“I liked using pastels and colouring the eye.” Laura

“I enjoyed multiplying in maths!” Isaac

“I enjoyed seeing all my teachers.” Harry

“I enjoyed playing with playdough.” Darcie-Mai

“I enjoyed writing a story with Willow.” Liy T

“I enjoyed making a bow and arrow in the forest.” Lenny

“I enjoyed getting my hair wet in the hail!” Mabel

“I enjoyed making the rope ladder.” Jessica

“I enjoyed drawing dragon eyes.” Sofia

“I enjoyed climbing the rope ladder.” Amelia

“I enjoyed seeing Miss Brice and Mrs Bone” Ilaria

“I liked practising my times tables.” Lewis

“I enjoyed forest school in the rain.” Ben

“I enjoyed climbing the rope ladder too!” Lily H