Owls Class Blog 22.11.19

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This week we have learnt all about the Great Fire of London. William

It started in a bakery because there wasn’t a door on the oven. Oscar

The bakery was in Pudding Lane. 6 people died in the fire. Evie

In challenge time we have been making houses from the Great Fire of London. Thea

The Great Fire of London burnt down St Pauls Cathedral. Mia

The roofs of the houses were made from straw and the houses were made from wood. This meant they set on fire so they had to make a firebreak. Freddie

A firebreak is where you create a gap. Emiliana

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A hook pulled the houses down. Stryker

All the houses were burnt down because they were not made of brick. Isabelle

The fire spread like butter. It moved really quickly. Zeke

We have been comparing how fires are put out now with how the Great Fire of London was put out. William

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When Samuel Pepys wrote his diary he wrote with a feather and dipped it in some ink. Emiliana

We went to St Mary’s Close and looked at houses made of brick. Freya

In Maths this week we have been taking away.

We have used big numbers and counted back on rulers to find the answer. Elsie

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In PE we were practising our overarm throw. Mya

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