Owls Class Blog 10.05.19

“I like PE because I like the game where you steal treasure.” Amelie

“I’ve enjoyed doing the challenges.” Ella

“I’ve enjoyed playing with the beebots.” Chidubem

“I enjoyed making a map for the beebots.” Frankie

“I’ve enjoyed learning about all the pirates in the world.” Isaac

“I like the new guided reading groups.” Ava

“I enjoyed making a treasure map!” Maddie

“I enjoyed making a wanted poster.” Poppy

“I really like our topic.” Holly

“I like learning my times tables.” Isla

“I liked learning how to divide.” Caitlin

“I enjoyed guided reading looking at the facts about pirates. I learnt that there are still pirates today in Africa!” George

“I like learning the Story of Pirate Tom and thinking of new adjectives.” Bella

“I’ve enjoyed outdoor learning especially when we went to the garden and planted lettuces and onions.” Chidubem