Owls Class Blog 12.10.18

This week we spent the day at Pensthorpe.

‘My favourite part of the day was the big slide outside’ – Ella Sh, Jenson, Harrison, Phoenix, Isla, Bethany & Reggie

‘I liked the biggest slide in Hootz House’ – Erick, Logan, Lacey, Ruby, Harry S, Isaac & Bella

‘I enjoyed seeing the Red Squirrels’ – George, Holly, Kevin & Maddie

‘I liked the zip wire’ – Ellah B,Ava & Caitlin

Poppy enjoyed collecting leaves and sticks to put on her colour chart

Frankie enjoyed seeing the Cranes

Emily enjoyed making the balls fall on Miss Sampson’s head in Hootz House.’ I made a friend called Freddy and he is 2.’

Amelie liked seeing the Flamingoes

‘I enjoyed going to the Bat maze’ – Chidubem

Finlay enjoyed feeding the Geese by hand, he said they were friendly and ‘tickled my hand.’

Eli liked playing on everything outside.

Eliana and Mrs Chaplin really enjoyed the bridge outside because it moves ‘up and down’!

Savannas favourite was in Hootz House. ‘At the top there is a spinny thing in the Tree House where you sit on top of it and Bethany spun me round in it.’

Owls Class Blog 05.10.18

‘Fit Friday’ is always a popular topic of conversation when we write our class blog. We LOVE it and we are becoming much more confident on the balance bikes now.

We also enjoy the ‘Funtrition’ activities.

‘This week in Funtrition we played a running game to get us fit.’ Chidubem

‘We played a crocodile game in the hall. We were trying to snap people in the water.’ Jenson

‘We have also been playing football.’ Frankie

We have been listening to pieces of Vivaldi’s music. These were called the ‘Four seasons.’

‘I liked Spring because it made me think of the flowers coming out.’ Bella.

‘I liked listening to Summer.It made me think about when the sun shines.’ George.

‘I liked Summer. All the birds are singing when it gets to  the evening.’ Ava

‘I like listening to Winter because it made me think of animals hibernating.’ Lacey

Next week we are looking forward to going to Pensthorpe Natural Park. Look out on our blog for lots of photographs of us having fun there.

Owls Class Blog 28.09.18

We have had another busy week in Owls Class.

We read the story of Elmer and have been celebrating how important it is that we are all different.

‘We have been making an Elmer out of a milk bottle using coloured bits of tissue paper’ – Maddie, Ruby & Isaac

As part of our Talk for Writing learning we have been innovating our model text to make the story our own.

‘Mine was about a Unicorn whose horn was snapped’ – Poppy

‘My story was about a Rabbit whose leg got broke’ – Amelie

We have looked at some new sounds in our phonics sessions and read some more great stories delivered by the Phonics Fairy.

‘We have been learning a new sound ‘oy, oy’ joy of a toy’ – Lacey, Isla & Chidubem


In maths we have been learning about 2D shapes – Chidubem

This week we have been learning how to throw and catch in PE with Mrs Ash – Bella

We went on the Balance Bikes on Fit Friday – Ellah

Owls Class Blog 21.09.18

We have been learning number bonds to 10 and 20. George Ava

I liked making numbers out of playdoh. Ruby

I liked PE. I liked playing golf. Bella

I liked using my fingers to paint trees of the 4 seasons. Maddie Holly

We have been learning the ‘ay’ sound. We read the book ‘Crayon.’ Poppy

I liked reading the book ‘Daisy Eat your Peas.’ Ava

Today is Fit Friday. Eli

I have liked learning about colours. Isla

I liked getting the cones in PE. Isaac

I liked running round in PE. Ellah

I have enjoyed making my own book in Challenge time. Chidubem

We have been learning a story about Sophie. She finds a horse with wings at the end of the rainbow. Amelie