Rabbits Blog WB 9-3 20

Lily-We have learnt the story of the Gingerbread Man using a story a map. We made up actions to help us remember the story.

Daniel-I had lots of fun playing on the bikes and trikes.

Mabel-On Tuesday The Gingerbread man left us a basket of ingredients to make our own Gingerbread. We made them by weighing out the ingredients and mixing it together. Mrs Reeve then cooked them and we ate them. Yummy!

Amelia-I found a worm in the forest area, it was huge.

Lottie-We did some sawing and some bark rubbings in the forest area ,it was lots of fun.

Rabbit’s weekly blog WB 11-11-19

Rabbit’s weekly blog WB 11-11-19

Jessica- In maths we have been learning about adding numbers, it was good fun.

Ben-I enjoyed leaning our new sounds.

Harper- I loved acting out the Goldilocks story in Literacy.

Darcie-Mae-I liked going out in the forest and playing in the mud kitchen.

Laura-I really enjoyed doing Gymnastics in PE.I was really good at the making a rocket shape.

Eliza-I really liked reading to my teacher this week.

James-We played on the bikes and trikes and I went super fast.

Alice- We made Pudsey Bear cakes today for Children in need.

Rabbits Class Weekly Blog wb. 7.1.19

Martha – “We have learnt new sounds ‘j’ and ‘v’”.

Isabelle – “We did numbers and learnt about add and equals”.

Gracie – “We had aliens crash into school!”

Ellamae – “I have dressed up as aliens”.

Rabbits Class Weekly Blog wb. 10.12.18

We did our play in the Church for mummy’s and daddy’s (Broden).

We made Christingles (Beau).

We sang with our Christingles (Braidie).

In P.E. we made some funny faces on the climbing frame (Ellamae).

We have been practicing our sounds (Logan).

Rabbits Class Weekly Blog wb. 3.12.18

Isaac – “I have been practicing my name”.

Beau – “I have written to Father Christmas to tell him what I want”.

Luella – “We went to Church to sing”.

India – “We made cards by putting our hand into paint”.

Ellamae – “I have been on Christmas games on the computer”.

Rabbits Class Weekly blog 30.11.18

Martha – “We have been making repeated patterns”.

Evie – “We have learnt h, h, hat and b, b, baby brains!”

Joshua – “We have been practicing writing with whiteboards and pens”.

Freddie – “We have used blocks to build things. I made a big bus”.

Rabitts Blog 23rd November 2018

Rabbits Class Blog, week beginning 12.11.18

I liked PE because of the climbing frame (Broden).

I have liked playing outside. I played on the slide (Logan).

I like doing drawings (Beau).

I have played with Ryan outside (Freddie).

We made traps for the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood (Elsa).

I like building things outside with my friends (Tayler).

Rabbit Class Blog 20th July 2018

“I enjoyed teaching  Miss Brice to hula hoop.” Said Primrose.

“I enjoyed Sports day.” Said Isla.

“I enjoyed writing a story.” Said Thalia.

“I enjoyed PE and I enjoyed the cow race!” said Lacey.

“I enjoyed making a medal.” Said Maddie.

“I enjoyed making a book!” said Bella.

“I enjoyed drawing pictures.” Said Eli.

“I enjoyed doing PE.” Said Chloe.

“I enjoyed doing Sports day especially the running race. I won!” said Elle.

“I enjoyed doing the hurdles at sports day.” Said Frankie.

“I enjoyed the running race, I came 2nd!” said Zach.