Hedgehog Blog 27.11.20

“I enjoyed drinking hot chocolate near the fire in the forest.” Tilly

“I enjoyed drinking hot chocolate and having biscuits around the fire.” Amelia

“I liked it when we found three goat bells, a goat recipe book, and a trolls hammer.” Jude

 “I liked learning about the Three Billy Goats Gruff.” Evie-Mae

“I enjoyed doing the story map of the Three Billy Goats Gruff.” Jessica

“I loved creating a map of the enchanted wood where all the Fairy Tale characters live.” Alice

 “I enjoyed writing a story about my teacher called, “Miss Brice’s Mistake!” Willow

 “I’ve enjoyed playing with all my friends.” Christopher

 “I liked everything!” Ben

“I enjoyed adding using cubes.” Isaac

“I enjoyed using a numberline to add.” Lewis

Hedgehog Class Blog 20.11.20

“I’ve enjoyed adding using numicon.” Willow

“I like doing part part whole.” Ben

“I enjoyed writing numbers to 100 and writing them in words too!” Sofia

 “I enjoyed writing the story of the three little pigs.” Tilly

 “I enjoyed building a house for the three little pigs!” Laura

“I enjoyed testing our houses to see if the wolf could blow it down!” Isla

“I enjoyed walking down the street and looking at the different houses.” Christopher

“I liked learning about materials.” Lewis

 “I liked digging for spiders in the forest.” Amelia

“I enjoyed playing in the forest with my friends.” Jessica

 “I liked being in the forest.” Daniel

Hedgehog Class Blog 13.11.20

“I enjoyed writing the story of Rama and Sita.” Willow

“I enjoyed listening to the story of Rama and Sita.” Jessica

“I liked using clay to create a Diva lamp.” Ben

 “I enjoyed swinging in the hammock in the forest.” Laura

“I enjoyed using the saw in the forest to cut up wood and colour the wood in.” Daniel

“I enjoyed finding bugs in the forest! I found a big spider!” Amelia

 “I enjoyed writing the story of Rapunzel.” Tilly

“I loved writing the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff.” Christopher

“I enjoyed writing the story of the Elves and the Shoemaker.” Evie-Mae

“I enjoyed outdoor learning when we were writing words to describe fireworks like pop and bang.” Alice

 “I enjoyed adding in Maths.” Harper

 “I enjoyed practising my handwriting.” Sofia

 “I enjoyed making the poppies.” Isaac

Hedgehogs Class Blog 6.11.20

“I enjoyed the forest.” Jude

“I enjoyed adding using the part part whole model.” Harper

“I enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes.” Tilly

“I enjoyed writing about Guy Fawkes.” Lenny

“I enjoyed doing cross country with Mrs Woods.” Christopher

“I enjoyed reading to Miss Brice.” Ben

“I enjoyed creating a large map of the United Kingdom.” Sofia

“I enjoyed learning our new phonic fairy sounds!” Willow

“I liked digging for bugs in the forest.” Amelia

“I enjoyed running around the school track.” James

Hedgehog class blog 16.10.20

“I’ve enjoyed writing stories.” Willlow

“I liked the story Leaf man.” Isla

“I enjoyed writing numbers.” Mabel

“I enjoyed using the greater than and less than symbols in Maths.” Ben

“I enjoyed going into the little swamp in the forest.” James

“I enjoyed looking at the bugs in the glass.” Christopher

“I enjoyed performing the gymnastics routine.”

“I enjoyed playing fire in the forest game.” Sofia.

Hedgehog Class Blog 9.10.20

“I enjoyed challenging myself and doing lots of takeaway number sentences.” Alice

“I liked the story Oi Dog we looked at in English.” Ben

“I’ve enjoyed writing tricky troll words in Phonics.” Harry

“I liked doing a spot the difference!” Amelia

 “I liked learning about the Jewish festival, Sukkot.” Willow

“I enjoyed building a Sukkah in outdoor learning.” Lenny

“I enjoyed going on the bikes and trikes.” Isaac

“I enjoyed doing gymnastics.” Daniel

“I enjoyed going in the forest.” Sofia

“I’ve enjoyed everything.” Jude

Hedgehog Class Week 2 Blog 2.10.20

“I enjoyed making wands in the forest.” Harper

“I enjoyed going outside and doing the number hunt!” Evie-Mae

“I enjoyed going on the bikes and trikes.” Ollie

“I enjoyed being in the forest.” Alice

“I enjoyed pushing Ollie and him pushing me in the hammock in the forest.” James

“I liked playing with my friends in the mud kitchen.” Mabel

“I liked going to the library and choosing nature book so I can learn about hedgehogs.” Darcie-Mai

“I like doing Maths with Miss Brice and Mrs Bone.” Willow

“I liked going on the swing in the forest.” Lily T

“I liked challenging myself to do lots of take-away number sentences with Willow.” Sofia

“I liked looking for bugs in the forest!” Amelia

“I like digging in the forest.” Jude

“I’ve enjoyed everything!” Ben

“I liked trying to put the skeleton together.” Lenny

“I’ve enjoyed being at school seeing the teachers.” Lottie

“I’ve enjoyed making books and playing with my friends.” Jessica

“I like playing with the lego.” Lewis

“I liked playing with the animals.” Isaac

“I enjoyed looking at the body and the different parts.” Tilly

“I liked playing with the construction.” Harry

“I enjoy playing with construction too.” Christopher

Hedgehog class blog – Week 1 25.9.20

Wow! I can’t believe how quick this week has flown by! We have had a great week. They have all been so grown up, you would not know it was their first week in Year 1. 

This week in Maths we have been learning about how to sort objects in maths. We have also been subitizing, where the children tell me the number of objects in a set, quickly, without counting. We encourage them to look for patterns or facts such as “3 red and 3 yellow that’s 6!”

In English we have been looking at rhyme. We read the story Tree. We discussed the different seasons and picked out the rhyming words. We also discussed adjectives to describe the different seasons.

In phonics we are recapping sounds previously learnt.

On move up day the children learnt that hedgehogs hibernate for the winter. In topic we looked at hibernation a little bit more and learnt which other animals hibernate too. We also discussed that some animals migrate to hotter countries. We have learnt lots about the seasons this week and the children have enjoyed telling me their favourite season and why.

The children had a great afternoon in the forest learning how to use different tools. 

In PE the children recapped Gymnastic positions such as tuck, pike and straddle.  

We look forward to another fun filled week next week!