Hedgehogs Blog 21.5.21

“I enjoyed making a dragon that breathes fire and then writing instructions on how to make it.” Tilly

“I enjoyed making a dragon machine out of junk!” Lily T

“I enjoyed writing instructions on how to make a dragon.” Alice

“I enjoyed everything.” Mabel

“I liked halving shapes in maths.” Reggie

“I enjoyed making my dragon cup and making it breathe fire!”Daniel

“I enjoyed painting my clay model.” Jessica

“I enjoyed drawing a plan for a dragon machine.” Sofia

Hedgehog Blog 14.5.21

“I enjoyed painting my dragon using watercolours.” Alice

“I enjoyed cooking marshmallows over the fire in Forest school.” Amelia

“I enjoyed everything!” Ben

“I enjoyed creating a dragons eye with clay” Daniel

“I enjoyed creating a dragons eye using clay too.” Esame

 “I enjoyed using pastels to create a dragon eye!” Chris

“I enjoyed writing my dragon poem.” Darcie-Mai

 “I enjoyed doing maths.” Harry

“I enjoyed writing similes about my dragon in English.” Isaac

“I like drawing dragon eyes.” Isla

“I enjoyed having toasted marshmallows!” James

“I enjoyed using clay and watercolours this week.” Jess

“I have enjoyed everything!” Jude

“I enjoy doing Maths.” Laura

“I enjoyed seeing Miss Brice and Mrs Bone.” Lily T

“I enjoyed doing times tables.” Lottie

“I enjoyed writing my dragon poem up neatly.” Mabel

“I enjoyed writing my dragon poem.” Tilly

“I enjoyed creating dragons eyes with pastels and clay.” Sofia

“I enjoyed doing Maths.” Reggie

Hedgehog Blog 7.5.21

“I enjoyed playing in the mud kitchen!” Tilly

“I made a fashion book with Lily H” Lottie

“I liked playing playdough” Isla

“I enjoyed seeing Miss Brice”  Harper

“I enjoyed learning with Miss Brice and Mrs Bone” Willow

“I liked playing with Daniel.” Reggie

“I liked drawing a dragon eye!” Chris

“I liked using pastels and colouring the eye.” Laura

“I enjoyed multiplying in maths!” Isaac

“I enjoyed seeing all my teachers.” Harry

“I enjoyed playing with playdough.” Darcie-Mai

“I enjoyed writing a story with Willow.” Liy T

“I enjoyed making a bow and arrow in the forest.” Lenny

“I enjoyed getting my hair wet in the hail!” Mabel

“I enjoyed making the rope ladder.” Jessica

“I enjoyed drawing dragon eyes.” Sofia

“I enjoyed climbing the rope ladder.” Amelia

“I enjoyed seeing Miss Brice and Mrs Bone” Ilaria

“I liked practising my times tables.” Lewis

“I enjoyed forest school in the rain.” Ben

“I enjoyed climbing the rope ladder too!” Lily H

Hedgehogs Blog 30.4.21

“I enjoyed playing in the forest and climbing the sticks.” Jessica

“I enjoyed playing lego with James.” Chris

“I enjoyed pushing Mabel in the hammock.” Laura

“I liked playing Reggie.” Daniel

“I enjoyed making numbers 1-36 with numicon.” Lenny

“I enjoyed playing in the forest.” Mabel

“I enjoyed making my own coat of arms.” Isaac

“I enjoyed everything.” Lily  T

“I enjoyed writing instructions on how to teach your dragon to breathe.” Tilly

“I enjoyed playing with the lego. I made a swimming pool.” Lottie

“I enjoyed doing extra maths challenges.” Willow

“I enjoyed labelling the armour.” Darcie-Mai

“I enjoyed doing extra maths!” Lewis

“I like counting in 5s.” Matilda

“I like counting in 10s.” Isla

“I enjoyed doing the Captain Tom challenge” Amelia

Hedgehogs Blog 23.4.21

“I love coming to school everyday.” Daniel

“I loved doubling in Maths.” Willow

“I enjoyed having a fire in forest school. We cooked toast over the fire.” Tilly

“I liked doing PE” Isla

“I enjoyed doing PE too!” Darcie-Mai

“I enjoyed building a house with the lego.” Lottie

“I also enjoyed having the toast over the fire.” Lily H

“I enjoyed seeing Miss Brice everyday.” Harper

“I love seeing all my friends and teachers.” Harry

“ I enjoyed playing with the mud kitchen.” Laura

“I enjoyed seeing my teachers and friends and doing lots of learning.” Chris

“I enjoyed everything this week.” Mabel

“I enjoyed digging for worms.” James

“I enjoyed finding new bugs with Lottie.” Amelia

“I enjoyed playing with Ben and Esmae.” Jessica

“I enjoyed playing teachers outside with Alice.” Sofia

“I enjoyed making a swimming pool with Matilda and Lottie out of lego.” Ilaria

“I enjoyed climbing on the sticks!” Jude

“I enjoyed playing Black Panther with James.” Lenny

“I like challenging myself in Maths.” Lewis

“I enjoyed seeing Miss Brice, Mrs Bone and all of my friends.” Lily T

Hedgehog Blog 16.4.21

“I enjoyed playing with Sofia in the mud kitchen in the forest. We made cheese!” Tilly

“I enjoyed playing in the mud kitchen with Lewis. We were making lovely tomato and chicken soup!” Lenny

“I enjoyed playing in the mud kitchen too!” Harper

“I liked colouring in wands in the forest with Esmae and Jessica.” Daniel

“I enjoyed playing on the swing in the forest.” Christopher

“I enjoyed finding worms with Willow and Alice!” Lily T

“I enjoyed showing Alice how brave she was to hold a worm because at first she was afraid.” Willow

 “I enjoyed looking for worms and other minibeasts.” Amelia

“I enjoyed holding a worm.” Ben

 “I enjoyed listening to the story The Egg.” Isla

“I enjoyed drawing dragon pictures with Willow” Sofia

“I enjoyed drawing a dragon picture with Tilly.” Alice

“I enjoyed adding in Maths.” Mabel

“I enjoyed making a house out of lego with Matilda and Ilaria.” Lottie

“I enjoyed learning the different ‘igh’ sounds in phonics.” Isaac

“I liked telling Miss Brice how to make a jam sandwich!” Ollie

“I enjoyed writing instructions on how to make a jam sandwich.” Jess

“I enjoyed playing caveman with Ollie.” James

Hedgehog class blog 17.12.20

“I enjoyed making a Christmas card.” Amelia

“I enjoyed watching the pantomime.” Tilly

“I enjoyed doing Christmas repeated patterns.” Willow

“I enjoyed celebrating my birthday at school.” Sophia

“I enjoyed having a Christmas dinner with everyone.” Mabel

“I enjoyed listening to silly Christmas stories like Santa comes up trumps!” Alice

“I enjoyed writing the Christmas story.” Lily

“I enjoyed creating the stable and nativity scene.” Harper

 “I enjoyed playing cars with my friends.” Daniel

“I enjoyed writing a story.” Darcie-Mai

“I enjoyed playing with the lego.” Laura

 “I enjoyed going on silver!” Isaac

Hedgehog Class Blog 11.12.20

“I enjoyed being in the forest.” Harper

“I enjoyed doing the Christmas performance.” Tilly

“I enjoyed writing a speech bubble for Stickman!” Jessica

“I enjoyed making a bauble.” Laura

“I enjoyed making a 3D snowman.” Daniel

“I enjoyed having hot chocolate and sweets in the forest.” Amelia

“I enjoyed writing my own story about Stickman.” Lottie

“I enjoyed making the 3D snowmen.” Lewis

“I have enjoyed everything.” Jude

Hedgehog class blog 4.12.20

“I liked learning about advent.” Isla

“I liked making the advent wreath.” Mabel and Lottie

“I like seeing who gets to take the chocolate from the advent calendar each day!” Lily H

“I enjoyed forest school. I liked looking at the wood through a microscope!” Jessica

“I liked making a stained glass window bauble.” Laura

“I enjoyed writing my letter to Santa.” Evie-Mae

“I enjoyed walking in the snow to post my letter to Santa!” Christopher

“I enjoyed challenging myself doing part part wholes.” Ben

“I love learning something different each day!” Willow

“I enjoyed making a Santa!” Tilly

“I liked decorating the tree.” Amelia

“I liked adding!” Isaac

“I like coming into school and learning everyday.” James

“I enjoyed writing The Three Little Pigs.” Sofia