Red Squirrels 2016-17

Squirrels Class 19.5.17

This week we have been finishing off our quizzes. In our reading quizzes there was a non-fiction part about swimming and a story about a fox. (Shayna)

On Monday we used our senses to describe the rainforest fruits. The pineapple felt prickly and spikey ( Rhys). The pomegranate felt lumpy (Ollie)

In the afternoon we tasted the different rainforest fruits and we voted for our favourite tasting fruit and the pineapple had the most votes and the melon had the least.  (Immy)

We used the information to draw a block graph (Alex)

In RE we thought about people who are special to us. (Immy)

My brother is special to me because we always play together and have fun! (Rhys)

My Mum and Dad are special to me because they read stories to me when it is time to go to bed. (Grace)

My brother’s and my Dad are special to me because we all play together! (Jack)

My Mum, Dad and brother are important to me because they kiss me and take care of me. (Rebecca)

God is special because if there wasn’t a God then there wouldn’t be any people. (Alfie)

My Nanny is special to me because she used to give me lots of cuddles. (Sophia)

Miss Davenport taught us Rounders this week, we had to have good throwing skills and batting skills. We had to try and hit the ball as far as we could!

We have also learnt about the Yanomami tribe. (Freddy)

The Yanomami tribe live inside a Maloca and over 100 people can live in them! (Jack) The Malocas are made from wood and straw. (Shayna)

The Yanomami wear very different clothes to us, they use things that they find in the rainforest like animal skins. (Lois)

The Yanomami put poison on the end of their weapons to kill their prey (Alex)

When they have celebrations they wear headdresses made form feathers. (Jack)

On Thursday we went outside and completed a rainforest quiz, we had to look for the answers that Miss Firth had hidden around the playground. (Ikechi)

What a busy week we have had!

Squirrels Class Blog 5.5.17

In English we have been describing a rainforest using noun phrases. On Wednesday we used our imagination to go on a treasure hunt (Rebecca).

I found two golden cups (Ralf).

Tilly discovered a white diamond crystal.

I found a gem and claw! (Grace)

Oscar found a beak from a toucan.

Emma found a fluffy feather from a rainbow bird.

Today in English we have been retelling the story ‘Lost in the Jungle’ (Emma) we used an S plan and actions (Khadijah).

In Geography we drew pictures of rainforest fruits onto a map to show which rainforest they come from. (Finlay).

In Science we have been experimenting with chocolate. We were investigating what happened to the chocolate in different places around the school (Lily-Rose). Our group but our chocolate in Mrs Crosby’s fridge and Shayna put it in her sock. The chocolate in Shayna’s sock melted! (Immy)

In Maths we have been dividing and using fractions to share. (Rhys). Today Miss Ely gave us some word problems and we had to using our sharing method.

Red Squirrels Class blog for 10.03.17

In English we have been looking at leaflets. We have been writing our own leaflets about Castles (William)

Leaflets have to have a title on the front cover so the reader knows what it is about. (Tilly)

Leaflets also have subheadings to tell you what different parts are about. (Dulcie)

We have been writing information leaflets. (Ikechi)

Leaflets should also have pictures and captions to tell you what the picture is. They are also colourful to make them eye-catching. (Immy)

In Maths we have been learning about Pictograms. (Alex) Pictograms show information.

We collected data by using a tally chart, it shows how many people like each thing. We collected data to see what colour shield we would have if we were knights.

In Phonics we have been learning about apostrophes to show possession, which means it belongs to someone.

Apostrophes do two special jobs sometimes they take letters away but sometimes we use them to show something belongs to someone. (Shayna)

In Art we have been making tin foil knights using 2d shapes. (Freddy and Ollie)

We have been learning about Islamic artefacts in RE. We learnt that Muslims have a special book called the Qur’an. (Macie and Khadijah).

Red Squirrels Blog 3rd March 2017

On Tuesday we visited Norwich Castle. (Dulcie)  Lois saw a model of Norwich Castle, it showed how the castle would have looked before it turned into a museum (Lois).

Oliver saw the garderobes, they were the toilets in the castle. (Oliver) Four people could sit in a room at once (Shayla).

Shayna learnt that Norwich Castle had changed a lot, Shayna was amazed that the balcony was actually a huge banquet hall! (Shayna).

Around the outside of the castle you could see far into the distance (Emma). On a clear day you can see 56 churches! (Immy)

On Thursday it was World Book Day, we came dressed as characters from a book. Macie came as Mary Poppins.

Ikechi and Rhys came dressed as Horrid Henry.

Ralf came dressed as his favourite book character, Harry Potter.

Freddy dressed up as a knight and Sophia was Cinderella.

In Maths we have been measuring liquids and length.

On Friday we worked with Miss Firth to read the scales on a jug.


In English we have been writing a recount about our school trip to Norwich Castle. (Grace) We had to remember to write in the past tense.



Blog 03.02.2017

In Maths we have multiplying and sharing. (Rhys) When we multiply we used arrays (Alfie) we also used a number line to help us to multiply (Shayna).  Alex prefers to use arrays.

When we divide we use our sharing method (Ikechi).

In English we have been planning our own version of Jack and the Beanstalk using a backwards  ‘S’ plan. Immy’s story is called Immy and the Beanstalk. We changed different parts of the story, Sophia stole 2 items from the Dragon they were a crystal and a unicorn! When we got to the top of the beanstalk we met a Dragoness and a Dragon (Freddy).









In Science we have been using our results from our experiment last week to draw a graph. Our graphs showed the different materials that knocked down the wall (Oliver).



In History we have been learning about who lived in the castle and the jobs they did.  (Shayla)

We learnt that the Knight’s ride on horses and they have to train for 14 years! (Macie)

There is a person called a Gong Farmer, they had a yucky job of looking after the toilet! (Grace)

Jesters had the job of amusing the king. (Jack)

Soldiers also lived in the castle they had to fight on foot and protect the castle from enemies. (Ikechi)

Lois enjoyed her guided reading book this week, she read Little Red Riding Hood. Lois thought it was funny because Granny was hiding in the cupboard!

Blog 27.01.2017

This week in English we read a story called Jack and the Beanstalk. We used actions and pictures to tell the story. (Rhys)

Rebecca liked using the actions to tell the story, Rebecca likes the action for when Jack climbs the beanstalk.

Ithalia liked doing the actions too, she likes when the Giantess gives Jack some breakfast.

Imogen enjoyed writing the story of Jack and the Beanstalk on Friday!

Sophia liked using the story map because it helped her remember the important for her story writing.

Ollie likes Jack and the Beanstalk because the giant is funny!



In Maths we have been learning about 3D and 2d shapes, we looked for 2D shapes in our classroom and outside (Ikechi). We also used straws and playdough to make 3D shapes.



In Art we sketched Stone Wall Castles and we also learnt about the different parts of a castle.

One part of a castle is a metal gate called a portcullis.

Another part is called a drawbridge, you can pull it up using chains to stop enemies getting in!

In Science we made a castle wall using multi-link and we threw different materials to test which one was the strongest.

Today it is Miss Ely’s birthday!



Year Two- Topic web

Red Squirrels Blog 13.01.17

When we came into school on Monday we noticed there was some purple slime on the cupboard. When Miss Ely uncovered the egg we could see a golden wing! We were all very excited.


We kept checking the egg to make sure it was ok, after lunch our dragon had hatched! Our class dragon is called Starlight, she has black and gold fur.

Starlight has been on lots of sleepovers this week. So far she has been to stay at Miss Ely’s, Grace’s, Rhys’ and Isabelle’s house. Starlight has been using iPads and playing on scooters, she has had lots of fun. She can’t wait for more sleepovers next week!

In English we have started to read our book from Dr Smythe called Tell Me a Dragon.


There are lots of different dragons in the books. Ikechi’s favourite dragon is the snow dragon because it has soft, fluffy fur. Finlay’s favourite dragon is the fire dragon because it looks like a hot flame.  Sophia’s favourite dragons were the tiny dragons, they have wings like glass!

In art we sketched pictures of our favourite dragons from the book, we used chalk pastels to colour them in. We liked using our fingers to smudge the chalk

Red Squirrels Blog 6.1.17

Wow what an exciting start to our new half term! When we came into school we noticed something different in the forest area!

Miss Davenport called an emergency assembly where we found out that something had laid 6 huge eggs in a nest. They were all different colours! (Jack) Miss Davenport emailed The Natural History museum and we were told to collect lots of evidence.

We went outside and looked for clues (Dulcie). Then we had to draw a map to show people where we had found the clues (Oliver).

We found green skin, bushes that had been chopped down, scratches on the trees, sticks that were burnt and a strange looking object that was bright pink!


On Friday we had another assembly! Today Horatio Bartholemew Smythe came to the school. He said our eggs are definitely DRAGON EGGS! He came round each class to look and listen to the eggs. We asked him lots of questions that we had written the day before.  Dr Smythe told us the eggs like to listen to stories and singing.