Class 4 – Crickets 2015-16

Crickets Class Blog 8.7.16

Earlier this week we investigated all the jobs on a pirate ship and acted them out in the hall. Most of us wanted to be the Captain or Gunner. Lois said, “I chose to be a Cabin Girl and swabbed the deck.”

Pirates needed to know where to sail to so in maths we found out how to use compass directions and co-ordinates.

At the end of this week we made boats BUT we had to make sure they would float! We made predictions and then tested them on water. Freddy said, “I really enjoyed the floating and sinking.”

Crickets Class Blog 27.06.16

On Monday we started maths work on capacity and measured water in litres and millilitres.

The following day we had a party because Miss. Carmen had her last day teaching us on Tuesday. We watched the film ‘Hook’ and nibbled popcorn followed by music and dancing. We all think that Miss. Carmen is a lovely teacher.

Wednesday was a day of mixed feelings – a mixture of sadness, excitement, happiness and shyness as we moved up into our new class for September. We will soon be Squirrels.

Sports Day went ahead on Thursday and luckily the weather was dry. We all went home tired after a special day.

Today is the first day of July and Jack is excited because his twin babies will arrive later this month. What a wonderful week!

Crickets class weekly blog 24.6.16

In literacy this has been our last week looking at Peter Pan. We did role play and had to think about what might have happened before the story for Peter Pan and Captain Hook to not like each other (Rhys). We also wrote a letter to Wendy as Peter Pan asking questions and using the first person (Imogen).

In maths we have been measuring shadows. We had characters from Jake and the Neverland Pirates (William) and we had to make shadows using torches (Ithalia). Today we went outside to measure our own shadows. We noticed that at first they were big but before lunch they were smaller (Jack).

In art we used pastels to create a scene from Peter Pan. We had to focus on how we were going to create silhouettes against a night sky.


In D.T. we made our pirate objects to go in the pirate museum (Oliver). We made a cannon ball (Oliver), a dirk (Jack), a compass (Alfie) and a flag (Dulcie).

Year 1 Home Learning – Pirates

Year 1 Topic Web – Pirates

Crickets Class Weekly Blog 17.6.16

On Monday in English we did some role play. We acted out the scene in Peter Pan where Peter Pan teaches the children to fly (William). Peter Pan says “flying is easy, it’s the same as having wings” (Lois). We also did some descriptive writing and created our own Neverland’s (Lois).

This week in Maths we have been learning about multiplication (Alfie) using arrays (Lois).  Multiplication means groups of (William).

In Art we were making maps of Neverland (Jack). We used tea-stained paper to make it look old (Ikechi) and we used symbols to show the features of our maps.

In History this week, we researched lots old pirate objects that could go in a pirate museum. We then decided on four objects to make (Shayna). In DT we chose one of the objects and made a plan (Rhys). We needed to choose materials and equipment to make our object (Ikechi).

In R.E. we learnt about ‘ The Ten Commandments’ and we had to write our own ten commandments (Oliver).

Crickets class weekly blog 10th June 2016

On Monday we came into school dressed as pirates because it is our new topic (Dulcie). We had a special visit from a pirate (William) who taught us how to use maps (Ralf). We used a map to find some treasure that was hidden around the school (Cady).

In maths we have been learning about fractions and how to find halves and quarters of numbers (Alfie). We have also learnt about division (Maisie) which means to share into equal groups (Lois).

In literacy we have learnt about Peter Pan (Imogen) because a pirate left a treasure chest in our classroom.The treasure chest was full of objects from the story of Peter Pan (Jack).

In outdoor learning we have been practicing our halves and quarters (Ithalia). We also tried some of the radishes that we have grown in the vegetable garden (Oliver)!

Crickets Class Weekly Blog 27.05.16

On Monday we went to the Cambridge Botanical Gardens (Ralf). We went on a mini-beast hunt (Jack) and we did some observational drawings of different things in the gardens (Ithalia). We went into the greenhouses where there were lots of different habitats. We went into the desert room and saw lots of prickly plants which we find out are called Cacti (Oscar). The mountain room was really cold because the plants grow at the top of mountains where it is freezing (Ikechi).

In literacy we read the story of Jim and the Beanstalk. We wrote a description of the giant’s castle (Tilly). We also read the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk and practiced using our capital letters (Oliver).

In outdoor learning we have made signs for the vegetable garden (Shayna). We also had a special treat and went on the bikes and trikes (all)!

In art we did some observational drawings of flowers in a vase (Macie).

Crickets Class Weekly Blog 20.5.16

In Maths we have been practicing using money and we have been giving change (Alfie).

We have designed our own seed packets (Alex).

We read the story ‘The Tiny Seed’ and we retold it (Dulcie).

In Science we have been learning about food chains. The grass was the producer and the insects and the mouse and the fox were all consumers (Ikechi).

In Outdoor learning we read a spider story and made a spider web using cotton wool (Lois).

We have written instructions for how to plant seeds (Jack).

Today we are having a party because it is Mrs Chimes’ last day – she is having a baby (Cady).