Class 3 – Caterpillars 2014-15

Caterpillars Class Blog 15.01.16

We have continued to learn about Space and have been thinking about the moon.

Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon. (Chloe)
Neil’s first words on the moon were, ‘one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.’ (Thomas)
When Neil was a little boy his dad took him to see the aeroplanes. (Layla)
He had a dream that he was flying. He kept going higher and higher. He dreamt he was able to hold his breath. (Millie)
He worked and worked so he could get lots of money so he could learn to fly. (Phoebe)
Before he became an astronaut he was a pilot in the Navy. (Owen)
He died when he was 82. (Flynn)
Buzz Aldrin was the first person to wee on the moon. (Albie)

Also this week we watched Tim Peake on the International Space Station and saw how he trained to be an astronaut.

We looked at how rockets take off into space and carried out our own investigation using balloons, straws and pieces of string.

Lyla predicted that the long balloon would travel the furthest.

We had some fun trying to colour in a badge like the one Tim Peake wears under the classroom tables to see how difficult things can be in Space.

Caterpillars Class Blog 10.7.15

This week we have been thinking about seaside holidays in the past and have really enjoyed watching ‘Magic Grandad.’

‘Magic Grandad and the children get sent back into the past.’ (Rinoa)

‘They went to the beach and had a hokey pokey. This is an ice-cream that is on a piece of paper.’ (Max)

‘In the olden days people went to the beach on trains.’ (Lilly)

‘We saw one of the first cars on the programme.’ (George)

Florence asked her grandma and mummy about their past experiences of going on holiday to the beach. She then produced a powerpoint about them. Please read her work on the below link.

Florences Seaside History Home Learning

We have written our own stories about finding a key, a box or a ring on the beach.

David wrote a fantastic story about becoming Aquaman when he put on the ring. He wrote a very exciting ending with something for us to think about,

‘If you find a ring maybe you will turn into Aquaman or Aquawoman!’

What would you do with Aquaman/Aquawomen’s powers?

Tonight is our Summer Fair and we have all finished our under sea portraits ready to sell. We are also going to be performing Commotion in the Ocean and Yellow Submarine which we are really looking forward to, and Mrs Burt will be in the stocks once again ready to get very wet.

See you all there.

Caterpillars Blog 3.7.15

This week has been Aspirations Week. Lots of different people have come into school to talk to us about their jobs.

On Monday we saw a fireman and a police lady. We went outside to see a police van and some of us were allowed to sit in the back. A Fearne’s mummy is a midwife and she came to see us and told us all about how she helps mummies when they are having a baby. Lucy (Alice’s mummy) is a surgeon and she came to tell us about operating on people’s arms and legs. Yazen’s daddy is a doctor and he came to talk to us with his team from the hospital.

On Wednesday we had a very hot day at the Royal Norfolk Show. Jayden enjoyed making a worm using pompoms. Lilly enjoyed getting her flag from the Leicester Tigers while Poppy enjoyed practising her rugby tackles. Misha enjoyed planting a seed. We all came home with lots of stickers and goodies from the show and as Rinoa said, ‘today has been fantastic!’

On Thursday James came to talk to us about being a butcher and he helped us make our own burger. “They had onions, beef, herbs and spices and breadcrumbs in them. It was yummy!” said Louie.


Gillian McClure came to talk to us about her books that she writes and illustrates. She told the story of Selkie and we were allowed to use her puppets to help make up the story.

Brian Lewis also showed us some of his paintings. He likes to paint seals doing human things. We had a go at drawing seals too. Srivatsa drew seals playing football. Rinoa’s seals were driving a car. Ralph’s seals were in canoes. Florence’s seals were writing.

Today we are having our sports afternoon. We are looking forward to getting into our teams.


Caterpillars Class Blog 26.6.15

This week we have been thinking about beaches in own our country. Some children have visited the beach as part of their home learning and have been bringing in shells, stones etc they have found washed up on the shore.

Our literacy work has been based on a book about a little boy who finds an underwater camera washed up on the beach. ‘Flotsam ‘ by David Wiesner is a wordless picture book which we have really enjoyed.

Louie – ‘The boy was looking at a hermit crab through a magnifying glass.’

Poppy – ‘He found a camera washed up on the beach.’

Max – ‘I liked the picture of the squid sitting on the sofa reading a book.’

Oliver Mc – ‘The starfishes had islands on their backs.’

In Maths we have also had a beach focus and we have been setting up beach shop scenarios where we could buy beach items and give change.

Other fun we have had in class this week involved making ice-creams (not real though!) and creating beach scenes using a paper plate. We have also begun painting our canvases ready for the Summer Fair on the 10th July.

Next week we are really excited about moving to our new classes, going to the Royal Norfolk Show and Sports Day.

Caterpillars Blog 19.6.15

image001On Monday Barnaby Bear came to school to visit us. He was about to go to Australia on his holiday so he asked our advice about the things he should pack in his suitcase.

When he got to Australia, Barnaby sent us a video clip to show us all the things he had been up to. George liked it when he was surfing on Bondi Beach with Kenny Kangaroo. Max remembered that Barnaby had seen the Sydney Opera House. Ellie liked it when Barnaby met the koalas.

We all then wrote a recount about Barnaby’s visit. Misha wrote;

‘First Barnaby went to the airport where he met Kate Koala and Uncle Pete. He took a bus to Uncle Pete’s, he was very excited to go on an adventure in Australia. After lunch he went to the Harbour Bridge. He went on top of the bridge and then he went to the Opera House. “What’s opera!” asked Barnaby. “It’s where you sing.” Barnaby imagined himself singing on a stage in front of lots of people. Next he went to the aquarium. “Be careful! If you break the glass we might get wet,” said Barnaby. He wanted to see a big shark. Next he went surfing. Kenny Kangaroo was teaching him but he fell down. Next he went to school.’

In Maths we have been weighing objects using gram weights. We were given a challenge to make a playdoh sea creature that weighed exactly 50g.

Caterpillars Weekly Blog 12.6.15

This week we have been thinking about the Norfolk Coast and what we would find there. We have been looking at creatures we would find in a rockpool. Poppy would like to find a crab in a rockpool. Alfie knows there are fishes called a Blenny that live in a rockpool and Oliver knows that a goby is a fish that has a sucker on its belly and helps it stick to rocks.

We read and matched definitions of rockpool creatures to their pictures before writing some of our own.

We made a homemade lava lamp because we were thinking about what happens when oil is mixed with water. Oscar B knew that the oil would sit on the top and not mix. This made us think about what happens to the sea animals, plants and environment when large quantities of oil are spilt into the sea.

In Maths we have been reading a book called ‘One is a snail, ten is a crab.’ This book counted legs on the beach. We made our own flap book and counted in 2s, 5s and 10s drawing creatures to total the correct number of legs.

Today we enjoyed measuring with Finley the fish. He measured his friends using pearls. We used rulers and centimetres to measure a path so Finley could get to his friends.


Parent Topic Letter and Home Learning

Download PDF

Download PDF

Caterpillars Class Blog 5.6.15

Oscar J and Lilly are excited about our new topic called ‘The Sea.’ On Monday we completed lots of different water activities. Will enjoyed drawing a secret picture. Misha’s favourite activity was sucking up ping pong balls using a straw and reading the words. Wesley enjoyed being outside and blowing bubbles. George’s favourite activity was mixing colours in water. Srivatsa enjoyed playing in the water tray and Lola enjoyed painting pictures by blowing bubbles.

Miss Claxton took us all to the duck pond. Max said, ‘We stopped and looked carefully at the water and thought how to describe it.’

Words we used were; quiet, wavy, sparkly, calm and still.

This half term we are starting to think about soon becoming Year Two children, so we are now practising joined up writing in our new handwriting books.

At last Caterpillars have a class winner!!!! Today Rinoa won a book for continued Home Reading. Hopefully we will have more winners if we keep on reading at home!

Caterpillars Class Blog 22.5.15

Today was CARNIVAL DAY!!!

Isla and Oliver N’s favourite part of the day was making their masks, Poppy and Oscar B really enjoyed the Samba dancing, Will and Ellie enjoyed making instruments and Louie and Rinoa enjoyed making their hats.

Will and Jayden treated us all some goodies. Jayden brought us a bright colourful Carnival cake and Will made us some Rainforest coconut balls. Yummy! Thanks boys!

Earlier in the week we thought about foods grown in the Rainforests and were able to try some fruits we had not tried before. Alfie G tried most of the fruits and found that he really liked the Papaya.

Lola wasn’t sure whether she liked the pineapple or not!

Also this week, Alfie Ch has enjoyed his maths work, thinking about the meaning of the = sign and being able to find two number sentences with the same answer, and Misha has enjoyed getting creative with some Rainforest stamps to make different pictures.

Once again Mrs Burt is really impressed by all the different home learning we have been doing. Well done Caterpillars!

We are looking forward to a rest next week ready for the next busy half term ahead.