Class 1 – Dragonflies 2014-15

Aspirations week (week beginning 29th June)

We had a week thinking all about what we want to be when we grow up. We went on a trip, went to our new class for the day, had visits from different people and became sports stars for sports day too!

“We went to the Royal Norfolk Show” Laney told us.

“I saw the horses jumping” said Flynn.

“We went in a group and had lunch like a picnic” said Isabella.

“I saw caterpillars” said Brody. He loved going on a caterpillar hunt around the discovery tent. Some of the children planted seeds too!

“We went to see the sheep show” said Luke.

“There was a bike race” said Millie.

“I saw little pigs and cows. I told the man that cows can make cheese and milk” Robyn told us.

“At the Royal Norfolk Show I saw little chicks” Said Layla.

The children had so much fun on the Royal Norfolk Show trip and all saw so many different exciting things.

“We are learning about under the sea” Taylor added.

“A police lady, a fireman, nurses, and doctors came to visit” Said Thomas.

“The teachers danced and dressed up, it was silly” Said Chloe. She was talking about the assembly where the teachers pretended to have different jobs.

“Miss Riddington was dressed up as a space alien” Said Layla, giggling.

“We went into year 1 and Mrs Burt was our new teacher” Said Nell. “and the midwife came to visit.”

It has been such a busy week but the children have been so inspired and loved all of the different things they had to do.

“I want to be a fire girl” Said Kitty.

“I would like to be a police lady” Said Olivia.

“I would like to be an engineer, they travel the world” Said Phoebe.

“I want to be a policeman” Said Zac.

Luke has decided he wants to be a koala because they are cuddly!

Dragonflies’ Class Blog Week beginning 6th July

“We have been doing Billy’s Bucket, we saw the shark and the mermaid” said Harry. In the story of Billy’s Bucket, lots of things appear in his bucket and come out into real life! The children loves using their imaginations to see other things in their bucket too.

“I saw a squid and a mermaid and an octopus” said Robyn.

“I saw a mermaid and a dolphin” Said Charlotte.

“I saw a whale and shark” said Chester.

“I saw a whale shark” said Bafana.

The children have done some fantastic writing to go with their wonderful ideas. I can really see the exceptional progress they have been making, with 3 children on gold for super writing this week! Wow!

In maths we have been using “scales” said Ava.

“We have been weighing stuff outside” Layla told us.

We have been practising using the words heavier and lighter, as well as trying to get things to balance too. I wonder if any children can help their families do some weighing at home? Perhaps bake some cakes!

We have had a super week despite feeling tired and worn out. We are having so much fun and still really love our under the sea topic. The children know some fascinating facts about sea creatures.

Dragonflies class blog Week beginning 22nd June

“We read the story of Tiddler and have been learning about sea creatures.” Said Robyn.
“Dolphins can breathe when they jump out of the water!” Charlotte told us.
“I learned that an octopus has 8 legs and 3 hearts!” Said Olivia.
“Crabs have claws and a shell to protect themselves.” Layla told us.
We have been watching clips and reading fact books all about under the sea creatures to learn new things. Some children have been finding out facts at home too!

“We having been taking away numbers using bottle tops and numicon.” Nell said.
“I used a whiteboard to take away.” Remembered Isabella.
“I have learnt to take away 2 numbers!” Said Owen, proudly.
The children have got really good at doing take away sums. The trickiest part is writing down the number sentence but by really challenging ourselves we have managed to do some fantastic work. The children have explored taking away in all different ways, outdoors, indoors and using lots of different objects to practise.

“We also did some handwriting.” Said Maisie.
“I enjoyed playing on the climbing frame.” Said Albie.

We have had a super week and are really enjoying our under the sea topic. we can’t wait for an exciting week next week. On Tuesday we even get to go to year 1 for the day!

Dragonflies class blog Week beginning – Monday 15th June

This week we read the story called The Fish Who Could Wish. We all wrote our very own wishes.
“I wish I was an Arsenal football player because they are the best team.” Said Flynn, remembering the wish he had written.
“I wish I could be a princess” Said Bella.
“I wish I was a dragon because I like living in a dark castle.” Said Harry.
“I wish I was a superhero because I love superheroes.” Said Zac. Even though he was poorly when we made the wishes, he was able to think what he would wish for very quickly!
“I wish I had a Guinea pig because mine died. A brown and white one” Said Laney.

We watched a video clip all about under the sea creatures. We found out lots of facts and wrote them down so that other people can learn them too.
“Sharks can eat fish” Said Jack.
“When octopuses get angry they turn red” Said Albie.
“Squids eat fish” Said Layla.
“Swordfish kill sharks” Said Brody.
“Dolphins go under and over the water like a rainbow” Said Charlotte.

In maths “we have been looking at coins and seeing what they mean.” Said Thomas.
“20p” Said Isabella, remembering one of our coins. Our number of the week is 20 too!

Macy, Flynn and Miss Riddington all went on gold!
“For good writing.” Said Flynn.
“For writing.” Said Macy.
Miss Davenport put Miss Riddington on gold for helping children to improve in their writing.
We have had such a super week this week with so many children making huge progress in their reading and writing. To make our week even better we had a lady come to read us stories and open a book shop for us too!

Dragonflies class blog week beginning 8th June

“We read a story about a crab who didn’t share his shell” said Bafana.
“It was called Sharing a shell” said Olivia.
We love the story of sharing a shell and have been choosing activities all week to do with our under the sea topic.
“I have been playing in the sand building a sandcastle” said Flynn.
“We still have fish in our fish tank” said Thomas.
Lyla (our child of the week) feeds the fish every morning so they have their breakfast.
“We all made a big book” Albie. The writing was SO amazing that ALL children went on silver!
“I like doing guided reading” said Chester. The children love reading in our new magic reading corner.
We have had a super week and to make our day even more special- It is Isabella’s birthday!

Dragonflies class blog – Week beginning Monday 1st June

We have been reading the rainbow fish story.

“The rainbow fish got fish for us” Bella.
“We read the letter and found out what it was.” Robyn.

The children had a vote of what they wanted the fish to be called.
“Poppy” Charlotte.
“Fishy” Chester.
“Lilly” Isabella.
“Sian” Brody.
“Nemo” Millie.
The rainbow fish decided it liked the names Betty and Fred the best. Some of the children chose to write a letter to the rainbow fish. He sent us a reply too! We were very excited.

“We have been looking at 3D shapes” Thomas.
“We have been looking at 2D shapes, they are flat”. Owen.
“We heard the story under the sea”. Laney.
“We have been feeding the fish” Albie. “Without getting our fingers in the water”. We talked together about how we mustn’t put or fingers in the water as our hands have germs on them that may hurt the fish.
Kitty has been a fantastic child of the week, remembering to give the fish their breakfast.
”We have had some cardboard boxes” Said Chloe.
“We have made an ice cream van” Said Bafana.

We all really love our new topic under the sea and have had so much fun this week making our classroom look fantastic. Next week the children have asked to make under the sea dressing up costumes!

Dragonflies class blog Week beginning: Monday 18th May (Mrs Blogg)

Today we have come to school dressed as minibeasts and we have had a ‘bug ball’. Luke enjoyed the party games. We have also made our own minibeasts from fruit.

This week our butterflies hatched so we have also let our butterflies free today.

This week we have been learning about insects.

Dragonflies class blog Monday 11th May-Friday 15th May

This week we have been reading the story of… “The hungry caterpillar!” Said Laney.

He ate lots and lots of different foods. “Chocolate cake, lollipops, leaf” Macy.

“There was a cocoon outside” said Jack. “There was a butterfly that came out of the cocoon.” Said Millie.

Layla, Maisie, Phoebe, Albie, Jack, Nell, Chloe, Robyn, Macy, Olivia, Lyla all chose to write a letter to the caterpillar to help him remember healthy foods to eat. “The butterfly bought us some fruits” said Taylor.

We loved having a visit from the caterpillar.

We talked about British values and why we are proud to be British this week. “We have been making flags” Said Harry.

The children really enjoyed talking about countries and like looking at flags.

We have had such a fun week! Miss Riddington is not here next week as she has an exam. But we are excited to have Mrs Blogg back with us next week.

We can’t wait for the bug ball!

Dragonflies’ class blog (Starting Tuesday 5th May)

This week, we read the story of What The Ladybird Heard.

Nell “We had muddy water with stones and bugs.”

Ava “We have been making traps to catch the robbers!”

Chloe “The robbers have been to school!”

Albie “I have been making a trap.”

Harry “The classroom went really messy.”

We have been coming up with fantastic ideas to try and catch the robbers from the story.

Fynn remembered that in maths we have been doing “doubling.”

Kitty “It means adding two of the same number together.”

We have had a fantastic week!