Class 3 – Caterpillars 2013-14

Caterpillars Class blog 4.7.14

We have had an emotional week this week. We were very excited about dressing up as Pirates on Tuesday but we were also a little sad because it was Miss Greensmith’s last day.

Harvey said his favourite part of the Pirate day was the Treasure hunt. ‘We had to answer some adding up questions and find halves and doubles to find the code.’

Kyle said, ‘the code said ‘Pirate Ship’.


Morgan enjoyed having a little party at the end of the day because she liked eating the food.

We all think that Miss Greensmith was a great teacher because she has taught us a lot about Pirates. We hope she enjoys her new job teaching Reception in September.


We have looked at the book Class 3 all at sea and Joshua’s favourite character is Captain Rotten Teeth! It is a rhyming story and it is funny.

We are all looking forward to the summer fayre tonight because we are going to do our medieval dance and we are going to throw sponges at Mrs Burt! (Oh no you’re not!!!!)

Next week we are going to be spending the day in our new classroom getting ready for Year 2!!!

Happy birthday to William, who had his birthday this week.

Caterpillars Class Blog 27.6.14

We were all bit disappointed that sports day was cancelled this week due to the rain and the thunder.

Instead we played some of the games in our teams in the hall with our team leader and Mrs Woodhouse. Eloise says she enjoyed heading the ball best and William enjoyed the penalty kicks. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the sun shines on 21st July and we can try our afternoon races again.

This week we have been busy thinking all about everything we have learnt about Pirates and are beginning to write our own Pirate fact books.

We have also been starting to paint our Pirate portraits ready to sell at the Summer Fayre.

Thomas has had his birthday this week. Happy Birthday Thomas!

Caterpillars Class Blog 13.6.14

In literacy this week we have made our own character wheels based on the main characters from the Shrek film. We also worked together to create character descriptions in our groups.

Chloe said, “I have enjoyed making my character wheel!”

In maths we have been extra busy this week! We have been learning to measure the weight of objects using scales. We have been on the laptops, and we have been doing lots of independent work. Caterpillars have enjoyed our busy maths week!

Ferne said, “I liked working with Miss Greensmith weighing objects and seeing if they balanced the scales!”

We have also made dragons out of egg boxes, paint, tissue paper, glue, felt tip pens and coloured paper!

Caterpillars Class Blog 6.6.14

What an exciting start to the half term!!!

On Monday we dressed up as people from Medieval Times and we had a medieval banquet for lunch. Activities included looking at and handling weapons Knights would have used, looking at medieval clothing and everyday equipment, making battering rams and trebuchets and taking part in a jousting competition complete with lances and hobby-horses!!

After lunch we also performed our medieval dances that Mrs Woodhouse had been teaching us, for King Edward I and Lady Catherine.

At the end of the day we saw how some of the weapons would have been used as the King shot an arrow from his bow across the field and then fired a musket. Charlie said his mummy heard the bang when she was coming to collect him from school.

Tyler (Crickets Class) and Lily R were also knighted by the King.

On Tuesday we discovered 4 coloured eggs in a nest by the pond. We brought them in and kept them in the classroom.

During the week we investigated where the nest could have come from, who laid the eggs and what we thought was going to be in the eggs. One theory we had was that they were dragon eggs and so we even made some special ‘dragonology’ equipment to help us in our investigation.

Lara made some special vision goggles to help her see both in the light and the dark.

Thomas and Owen made a map and some special vision equipment that could also make dragon sounds.

On Friday, very unexpectedly, our egg hatched and there was a big mess in the classroom!!

We found footprints around the classroom all over the walls so Lily Ash deduced that the creature that hatched must be able to fly. We also found a lot of slime and some strange looking scales inside the classroom. There were also some clues outside where Sam found some scorched pieces of wood and Alfie found some strange pellets that seemed to have bits of food in them!! Eurgh!!

Tom said he found the whole thing ‘fascinating’ and Billy commented it had been ‘an awesome week!’

I wonder what next week will bring?

(Look out for more photos of our Medieval Day in our Gallery)

Caterpillars Class Blog 23.5.14

This week we made the most of the sunshine and went for a walk around South Wootton. We were looking to see what types of houses people lived in.

We saw detached houses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses, cottages and different bungalows. The most popular houses were detached houses.

Thank you to Poppy and Ferne’s mummies for coming on our walk with us.

We have been practicing a medieval dance in PE. Mrs Woodhouse said we were the best class in the school for dancing. We are going to perform our dance to the other classes on our Medieval Theme Day.

We have also tried to make Medieval instruments like a lizard, a hurdy gurdy, bagpipes and harps.

In Literacy we have written a leaflet to advertise our role play castle. The Caterpillar Castle. We have had to remember to use non-fiction features like; labels, a title, sub headings, contact details, bullet points and pictures.

In Maths we have been looking at money and working out how to give people change.

Lara was able to demonstrate her understanding using a number line.

We are looking forward to having a rest next week but we are really looking forward to our Medieval Day on the first day back!!!

Have a great holiday!!!

Caterpillars Class Blog 16.5.12

At the beginning of the week we were learning how to partition numbers into tens and units in our Maths.

Ferne enjoyed using the arrow cards to help with her partitioning work while Poppy liked using the base 10 equipment.

Towards the end of the week in our maths we have enjoyed learning how to double and halve numbers. All of us particularly enjoyed playing the doubling and halving game on Friday.

In our Literacy this week we have been looking at leaflets and their features. We have designed and created our own poster leaflets for an imaginary medieval event in the castle we have in our classroom.

Ben enjoyed taking part in the brainstorming discussion we had to create facts for our poster.

Emmie said she liked making her poster on Friday.

As part of our topic work we have been looking at the different jobs in medieval times.

Kyle said: “I would have liked to have been a servant because I’d like to look after people.”

Billy said “I want to be a knight because you get to have a horse!”

Caleb, Charlie, Poppy and Kyle made a Great Hall of a Castle keep out of Duplo. The people inside were at a Royal Banquet.

We have also been planting vegetables in our school garden, thinking about what may have been grown in a Castle garden. A big thank you to Erin’s (Cricket’s class) mummy and daddy for donating them to us!

This week we had someone new join our class. A huge welcome to Erin! We hope you like being with the Caterpillars.

Morgan celebrated her birthday this week. Happy Birthday!!

Caterpillars think we have had a great week, and have enjoyed having Miss Greensmith back and teaching us!

Caterpillars Class Blog 9.5.14

This week we have been learning about Castles and we went to visit Castle Rising. It was a bit wet and windy but we had a fun morning. We went inside the Keep and saw different kinds of windows. From high up we could see far away.

Charlie said his favourite part of the morning was sketching the castle.

In school we have been thinking about what it would have been like going into battle and we have made shields, using our own design.

In Literacy we have been looking at the features of non-fiction texts, mainly labels and headings.

In Maths we have been using our number bonds to 10 to help us answer addition sentences with numbers to 100.

Caleb, Lily R and Sam have all celebrated their birthdays this week. Happy Birthday!!

Caterpillars Class Blog 2.5.14

This week we have been writing colour poems using our 5 senses. We planned our poems by listing all the different things we could think of that were the same colour, then we thought about which ones we could feel, smell, hear, taste and touch. Here are some of the finished products.

‘Grey’ by Tom

Grey looks like a castle on a lost island.

Grey smells like mouldy bread being fed to the ducks.

Grey sounds like a pencil writing.

Grey tastes like mushrooms bought from the supermarket.

Grey feels like metal on your bed.

‘Green’ by Diego

Green looks like grass in a garden.

Green smells like broccoli in my house.

Green sounds like leaves in my garden.

Green tastes like an apple in my kitchen.

Green feels like a ball in my garden.



‘Blue’ by Poppy

Blue looks like smelly socks under the bed.

Blue smells like a football top.

Blue sounds like a boy crying.

Blue tastes like berries in your tummy.

Blue feels like a rock.


‘Yellow’ by Mataya

Yellow looks like a twinkly star in the twinkly night sky.

Yellow smells like vinegary chips in the chip shop.

Yellow sounds like people laughing on the beach.

Yellow tastes like a banana in the shop.

Yellow feels like a glittering crown on the queen’s head.


We have been looking at ordering numbers in Maths and thinking about which ones are odd and which are even.

We have started our topic work by learning all about William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings. We have also looked at Motte and Bailey castles as these were the first castles William the Conqueror built.

We enjoyed looking at the work of artist Paul Klee, particularly his piece entitled ‘Castle and Sun’. We used 2D shapes to produce our own version and used watercolours to fill them in.



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