Class 2 – Bumble Bees 2013-14

Bumblebees Blog 18th July 2014

We enjoyed our fish and chip lunch today… even though there were a few spots of rain!!

Bumblebees Blog 04.07.14

We have found out about grassland animals.

Calum wrote: ‘Elephants can’t jump. They can swim.’

Huw wrote : ‘Zebras eat grass.’

Ekene and Yazen went off on safari in their jeep. Can you guess who the animals are?

We have had fun in the forest area making campfires and building bridges. Can you make a bridge in your garden or in the park?

We have been singing a song for the Summer fair. We hope you enjoy our song!

Bumblebees Blog 7th July 2014

We have started a new topic all about the seaside. We have made ice creams. We like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and mint with sprinkles and a flake! What is your favourite ice cream flavour? We have our own ice cream shop outside. You can buy ice creams and ice lollies from us!

We have been looking at the collections of shells and smelly seaweed! You have all been very busy! Huw found lots of shells and also a starfish and a crab. If you haven’t yet been to find your shells we hope you have a sunny day!

We are looking forward to moving up to Year1 and have enjoyed a fun day with our new teacher.

Bumble Bees Blog June 27th 2014

We have started a new topic about jungle animals and have enjoyed reading ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ together. We have made some models and pictures of our favourite jungle animals. Have a look at our photos. Which one do you like the best?

We were feeling a little sad that it was raining on Friday and sports day could not go ahead. We didn’t let the rain spoil our fun but enjoyed some sports games in the hall and we still had our barbecue! Gracie May said the food was ‘yummy!’

We have welcomed some of the children who will be starting school in September into our classroom. We have met the elephants, the bears and the tigers. We look forward to meeting the monkeys and the dolphins next week.

Reception Self-Portraits

Over the next two weeks Reception pupils will be painting self-portraits on canvases to sell at the Summer Fair. We would like to invite Parents/Grandparents in to school to help their child paint their portrait. Please sign up on the rota in Reception Cloakroom if you are able to come. If you can’t please let us know and we will make sure we include your child in an adult-led session.


Bumblebees Blog 20.06.14

This week we have seen 6 of our cocoons turn into butterflies. They are different colours including orange, black, brown and white. We have given them some oranges to eat. Did you know that butterflies smell with their antennae and taste with their feet?

Bramley has been our child of the week. He has worn a special policeman’s helmet as well as his child of the week badge!

We have been writing stories about ‘The day I met an alien….’ Fearne met a green, slimy alien and Yazen’s alien was made of playdough!

This week we have welcomed visitors from the pre-school and we have had fun playing together in the Forest Area. These children will be starting in Reception in September. We all felt very grown up!

Bumblebees Blog 13.06.14

Lots of fun has been had by all in the bumblebees class this week. We have continued our research about space and have come up with many interesting questions for finding out about space this week.

We have all enjoyed the story of ‘Aliens love underpants’ and have counted pants on the line, worked out pants maths problems and even worn pants on our heads!! Lots of thoughts about aliens and whether or not they are real and what we would say and do if we saw an alien! We have also read the story ‘But Martin’ and have written sentences to retell the story in our own words.

We have all enjoyed the sunny weather this week. Don’t forget your water bottles and sunhats so that we can play and learn safely in the sun. In the forest area we have been busy counting moon steps from planet to planet and adding them up to find totals. We have also made several rockets for our space adventures.

And finally, we are very excited to report that our caterpillars have now turned into cocoons and we have pinned them into the butterfly net and eagerly await their transformation into butterflies. Watch this space…

Bumblebees Class Blog 2nd June 2014

We have started our new topic on space this week. Here is some of the work we have completed and the space rockets that we have made for our space adventures. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1…..blast off!!

Topic Web Summer Term 2014