Hedgehogs Blog 23.4.21

“I love coming to school everyday.” Daniel

“I loved doubling in Maths.” Willow

“I enjoyed having a fire in forest school. We cooked toast over the fire.” Tilly

“I liked doing PE” Isla

“I enjoyed doing PE too!” Darcie-Mai

“I enjoyed building a house with the lego.” Lottie

“I also enjoyed having the toast over the fire.” Lily H

“I enjoyed seeing Miss Brice everyday.” Harper

“I love seeing all my friends and teachers.” Harry

“ I enjoyed playing with the mud kitchen.” Laura

“I enjoyed seeing my teachers and friends and doing lots of learning.” Chris

“I enjoyed everything this week.” Mabel

“I enjoyed digging for worms.” James

“I enjoyed finding new bugs with Lottie.” Amelia

“I enjoyed playing with Ben and Esmae.” Jessica

“I enjoyed playing teachers outside with Alice.” Sofia

“I enjoyed making a swimming pool with Matilda and Lottie out of lego.” Ilaria

“I enjoyed climbing on the sticks!” Jude

“I enjoyed playing Black Panther with James.” Lenny

“I like challenging myself in Maths.” Lewis

“I enjoyed seeing Miss Brice, Mrs Bone and all of my friends.” Lily T