Hedgehog Blog 16.4.21

“I enjoyed playing with Sofia in the mud kitchen in the forest. We made cheese!” Tilly

“I enjoyed playing in the mud kitchen with Lewis. We were making lovely tomato and chicken soup!” Lenny

“I enjoyed playing in the mud kitchen too!” Harper

“I liked colouring in wands in the forest with Esmae and Jessica.” Daniel

“I enjoyed playing on the swing in the forest.” Christopher

“I enjoyed finding worms with Willow and Alice!” Lily T

“I enjoyed showing Alice how brave she was to hold a worm because at first she was afraid.” Willow

 “I enjoyed looking for worms and other minibeasts.” Amelia

“I enjoyed holding a worm.” Ben

 “I enjoyed listening to the story The Egg.” Isla

“I enjoyed drawing dragon pictures with Willow” Sofia

“I enjoyed drawing a dragon picture with Tilly.” Alice

“I enjoyed adding in Maths.” Mabel

“I enjoyed making a house out of lego with Matilda and Ilaria.” Lottie

“I enjoyed learning the different ‘igh’ sounds in phonics.” Isaac

“I liked telling Miss Brice how to make a jam sandwich!” Ollie

“I enjoyed writing instructions on how to make a jam sandwich.” Jess

“I enjoyed playing caveman with Ollie.” James