Squirrels Class Weekly Blog – week beginning 9/11/20

In Science this week we have been finding out about different materials and we tested to see which materials were TRANSPARENT, OPAQUE or TRANSLUCENT. I found out that in one of the materials the light bounced off back onto the wall and I could see my shadow (Freddie).

Some of us had our first swimming lesson today and some of us brought our bikes to school. The swimming pool is nice and warm (William).

I learnt how to ride my bike today without any stabilisers (Elsie).

We have been practicing multiplication again this week (Emse). We have also been learning about odd and even numbers and we even learnt a song (Bailey).

0, 2, 4, 6, 8 even numbers on the gate.

1, 3, 5, 7, 9 hang the odd numbers on the line.

In Literacy we have been learning how to use the conjunctions and, but and because (Harley-Reece).

On Tuesday we all really enjoyed dressing up as evacuees and we had a special WW2 themed day. One of my favourite activities was role playing who would choose me as an evacuee or who I would choose (Mia).