Squirrels Class Weekly Blog – week beginning 28/9/20

We have had another full, exciting week in Squirrels class!

This week we have been learning all about Lighthouses. “We made lighthouses” (Archie). We all planned and designed our own Lighthouses and used paint and paper to create them. We then learnt about electricity and made a simple circuit using a light bulb, battery, wires and crocodile clips. “We made a circuit to light it up”. (Mia)

In Literacy we have been learning about heroes and villains. We have been comparing different fairytale characters and describing them. We then had a go at writing a character description, using adjectives and noun phrases. “We wrote sentences about different characters” (Ava).

In Maths this week we have been completing different number patterns and securing our number knowledge. Harley Rhys “We have been using big numbers in maths, I even did 1000!”     

Today some of us came to school on our bikes and we started our Bikeability Course. “We practised putting our helmets on. We cycled in and out of cones and practised stopping using the brakes”. (Isabelle)