Otters Blog 9.10.20

I really enjoyed making potions in the Forest Area. I used mint and other leaves and water. (Joshua)

I liked making a fairy peg in the Forest. (Isaac) I liked making a pine cone character. (Thomas) I liked going on the swing in the Forest Area. (Luella) I liked the biscuits and fire. (Lincoln)

I enjoyed adding numbers using a number line. (Matthew and Phoebe.)

I enjoyed reading in Guided Reading this week. We read the story Hans in Luck.(Ellamea)

I liked learning about a healthy diet and we had to draw a healthy meal. I added carrots and broccoli. (Eleanor)

C:\Users\MrsACHild.1781-SWOOTINF.028\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\IMG_7794.jpg I enjoyed my school lunch. It was fish finger and chips with beans. (Broden)

My favourite thing I have learnt is about Florence Nightingale. I liked sketching a portrait of her. (Beau)

I liked doing handwriting because it’s a good time to practise joining your letters up. (Logan)

I’ve liked our phonics, practising ai and oi (Martha)