Hedgehog Class Week 2 Blog 2.10.20

“I enjoyed making wands in the forest.” Harper

“I enjoyed going outside and doing the number hunt!” Evie-Mae

“I enjoyed going on the bikes and trikes.” Ollie

“I enjoyed being in the forest.” Alice

“I enjoyed pushing Ollie and him pushing me in the hammock in the forest.” James

“I liked playing with my friends in the mud kitchen.” Mabel

“I liked going to the library and choosing nature book so I can learn about hedgehogs.” Darcie-Mai

“I like doing Maths with Miss Brice and Mrs Bone.” Willow

“I liked going on the swing in the forest.” Lily T

“I liked challenging myself to do lots of take-away number sentences with Willow.” Sofia

“I liked looking for bugs in the forest!” Amelia

“I like digging in the forest.” Jude

“I’ve enjoyed everything!” Ben

“I liked trying to put the skeleton together.” Lenny

“I’ve enjoyed being at school seeing the teachers.” Lottie

“I’ve enjoyed making books and playing with my friends.” Jessica

“I like playing with the lego.” Lewis

“I liked playing with the animals.” Isaac

“I enjoyed looking at the body and the different parts.” Tilly

“I liked playing with the construction.” Harry

“I enjoy playing with construction too.” Christopher