Otters Blog 6.3.20

\\1781-serv01\Home$\Staff\MrsAChild\My Pictures\Maths money 6.3.2020\IMG_6955.JPG I loved it when we did maths with the coins and numicon. We had to make an amount shown. (Lacey T)

I liked writing sentences using the power of three. (Evie)

I liked it when we saw Miss Riddington who visited for a while and using the i-pads to log onto Purple Mash.(Isabella)

I liked it when we wrote our own stories. My idea was a Sonic story. (Frankie)

I liked it in PE when we had to find different ways to travel around hoops. (Lacie D)

We celebrated World Book Day. I liked dressing up as magical and clever when I dressed as Hermione Granger. (Isla)

I liked making cards. (Reggie)

We enjoyed going on the bikes and practising balancing and steering. (Lily-Rose and Kaia)

We liked listening to different genres of music and picking out different instruments used and the rhythm. (The whole class)

I liked answering questions in the booklets when we read in guided reading. We read about Mary Anning. (George)

We have enjoyed learning about Mongolia and reading a book about Erdene who lived in a ger. (whole class)

In geography we have been learning about the world and its continents. We looked at maps and labelled the continents. We learnt a song to remember the 7 continents.