Hedgehog Class Blog 6.3.20

“I liked tying the sticks in a knot to make a ladder.” – Logan

“I liked toasting marshmallows and putting them in biscuits.” – Isabelle

“I liked swinging in the hammock.” – Phoebe

“I liked playing with my friends and throwing mud at targets in forest school.” – Lincoln

“I enjoyed practising my handwriting.” – Ellamea

“I enjoyed making a jungle collage.” – Evie

“We looked at Henri Rousseau.” – Braidie

“In maths I enjoyed counting to 50 in ten.” – Beau

“I enjoyed dressing up as an adjective on World Book Day and telling my friends.” – Matthew

“I liked using bead strings in maths and making part-part-wholes.” – Elsa

“I liked making a story map from a non-chronological report.” – Sophia

“I enjoyed outdoor learning and going on the bikes and trikes.” – Thomas

“I’ve enjoyed finding out facts about dinosaurs.” – Rowan