Otters Blog 7.2.20

Lily-Rose and Zach enjoyed learning about getting a good night’s sleep and how to calm before going to bed. Evie said that she uses a special spray that smells nice and helps her relax and go to sleep. Charlie listens to calming music through his headphones.

\\1781-serv01\Home$\Staff\MrsAChild\My Pictures\2020-02-06 Maths 6.2.2020\Maths 6.2.2020 079.JPG Eriks liked the maths lessons where we learnt about 2D shapes. We have used geoboards and i-pad apps to make shapes and then drew shapes on dotted paper. (Frankie)

\\1781-serv01\Home$\Staff\MrsAChild\My Pictures\2020-02-06 Maths 6.2.2020\Maths 6.2.2020 089.JPG

In English Ella S liked writing a description of a jungle setting using adjectives, nouns, similes, verbs and adverbs.

Ruby and Madeline liked learning about habitats and how there are different food chains. We learnt that a food chain needs to begin with the sunlight and a plant. The plant is the producer and then consumers (animals) then follow in the food chain. (Dexter, George, Reggie) Henry liked sorting animals and plants into a food chain and drawing out his own for display.

In PE, Isla liked using the apparatus to complete sequences that we had practised the week before. We had to use a jump, a balance, a roll and a shape. Prim’s favourite part was walking on the bench and balancing before jumping off.

Harry liked watching our gymnastics team show their sequence in assembly. Well done to Ella T and Isla who represented the school and came first in the competition. Ella liked going to use the apparatus at Eagles gymnastic club.

In Art, Thalia said that we had to paint a background using hot or cold colours. We had to mix the paints to make darker and lighter shades. We painted in stripes getting lighter as we worked down the page. We then had to add animals and plants using colours that were camouflaged onto the picture.

In PSHE we had to think about our goals for the future and what we want to do when we grow up. We wrote these ideas on some log discs and decorated them. (Bella)