Hedgehog Blog 28.02.20

“I enjoyed looking at different footprints.” Ellamea

“I liked looking at different footprints and guessing which animals footprints they are!” Joshua

 “I enjoyed learning about different animals.” Braidie

“I enjoyed looking at the non-fiction book about a gorilla.” Tayler 

“I enjoyed grouping animals.” Logan

 “I liked finding out about our new topic and discussing it !” Freddie

“I enjoyed writing about dinosaurs.” Elsa

“I enjoyed learning about our new topic!” Eleanor

 “I was really excited by our new topic!” Isaac

“I enjoyed learning about dinosaurs.” Broden

 “I liked discussing questions about dinosaurs.” Beau

 “I enjoyed counting in 10s” Matthew

“I enjoyed making large numbers in maths.” Gracie

“I love doing maths.” Isabelle

 “I enjoyed filling the whole table with tens frames, we made 440!” Evie

 “I enjoyed counting in tens and ones.” India

“I liked going on the bikes and trikes in outdoor learning.” Sophia

“I enjoyed flipping pancakes outside!” Ryan