Otters Blog 20.1.20

We have had another busy week. Mrs Kimber has taught all of our maths lessons this week. We have learned about tally charts and pictograms. (Isla)

I liked counting up the pictures and creating a tally chart to show the results. (George)

I liked our science lesson where we recognised what makes something living, dead and never lived. (Evie)

An example of a living thing is a bee,(Harry)  something dead is a dry leaf fallen from a tree (Lacey T) something that has never lived is a lamppost. (Thalia)

In English we have been learning how to follow and write instructions. We began the week making a fruit salad as part of our DT objective.  We were shown how to use a knife safely to cut up pieces of fruit. (Frankie) We cut up the fruit and placed it in a cup. Before we made the salad we had to wash our hands and make sure that the cup was clean. (Prim) Afterwards we wrote up instructions to make a fruit salad.

In Art, we continued to learn about Lowry. We then created our own city/town paintings to show buildings and matchstick people. (Lacie D)

We also had to create secondary colours when colour mixing. (Reggie)

In PE, we have been listening to music about the ocean and then creating dance sequences to represent dolphins, whales, turtles, fish and seaweed. (Charlie and Kaia)

In PSHE, we were thinking about our long term goals. We had to thinka bout jobs we would like to do when we grow up (Blake)  Ella wants to be a hairdresser, Isabella wants to be an accountant, Ella T and Prim want to be a teachers, Madeline wants to be a midwife, George and Dexter want to be footballers, Frankie wants to be a designer, Blake wants to play guitar in a band, Lacey T wants to be a you tuber and Evie wants to be a rock star. Alfie wants to be a builder and a dad.

In Geography we thought about what is good about where we live and what we would like if we lived somewhere else. (All)