Hedgehog Class Blog 13.12.19

“I enjoyed practising our Christmas play.” Matthew

“I enjoyed rehearsing the Christmas play too.” Broden

“I liked rehearsing in church using the microphone.” Braidie

“I enjoyed watching the year 2 dress rehearsal.” Evie

“I enjoyed writing the story about baby Jesus.” Mollie

“I enjoyed going to the Christmas Fair.” India

 “I liked creating Christmas wreaths.” Ryan

“I enjoyed writing about how to help Santa get out of the chimney!” Ellamea

 “I enjoyed coming to school in my pyjamas for the bedtime reading cafe and Miss Brice read a funny Christmas story!” Beau

“I enjoyed making Christmas cards.” Sophia

 “I enjoyed using 3D shapes to create a repeated pattern.” Isaac

“I liked creating patterns using shapes too.” Eleanor

“I liked using colours to create a repeated pattern on a scarf.” Thomas

 “I liked doing my maths.” Gracie