Hedgehog Class Blog 29.11.19

“I enjoyed making a Christmas bag for my mummy and daddy.” Isaac

“I enjoyed making a Christmas book.” Logan

“I’ve enjoyed singing the song, the 12 days of Christmas.” Mollie

 “I enjoyed making a swan using a plate for the song 12 days of Christmas.” Thomas

“I enjoyed making a handprint swan for the seven swans are swimming.” Phoebe

 “I liked making paper chains.” Gracie

“I enjoyed making a really long paper chain and hanging them up in class.” Matthew

 “I’ve enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London and writing about it.” Braidie

“I enjoyed writing about the Great Fire of London.” India

 “I’ve enjoyed writing a diary during challenge time!” Broden

 “I like drawing.” Harry

“I love doing the challenges!” Ellamea

 “I liked practising my tricky words.” Beau

“I’ve enjoyed writing my book about the unicorn and the giraffe.” Evie

 “I liked writing the tricky words.” Ryan