Hedgehog Class Blog 08.11.19

“I liked learning about Guy Fawkes. He was trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament.” Isabelle

“We discovered a suitcase! There was an old diary inside. I think it belonged to Guy Fawkes because he had written that he wanted to blow up the Houses of Parliament.” Taylor

“There was a feather and ink in the suitcase. I think it belonged to Harry Potter.” Elsa

“I liked making firework pictures with toilet rolls.” Thomas

“I enjoyed dropping a teabag with paint on it onto black paper to create a firework picture.” Luella

 “I enjoyed the maths challenge where we had to make 10 in lots of different ways using numicon.” Freddie

“I enjoyed adding up numbers and writing the number sentences to go with it.” Martha

“I enjoyed learning about number bonds too.” Beau

 “I liked writing about my weekend in my diary.” Rowan

“I enjoyed writing tricky words!” Evie

 “I enjoyed building a zoo using the construction.” Isaac