Otter’s Blog – 5.7.19

In English, we have been creating our own story maps for a different version to “The Storm Seal”

We had to change the character, setting, problem and resolution. (Liam, Scott)

In maths, we have been learning how to take away using a number line to help. We also have reminded ourselves that less than, subtract, minus, difference between all mean to take away. (Asa)

We practised subtracting 2 digit numbers from a 2 digit or 3 digit number.

In the afternoons and during Guided Reading, we have been learning about seaside holidays in the past.

We have found out that people didn’t like to show off their skin when they were on the beach during Victorian times. (Charlie-Roy)

People used bathing machines to change in. (Jenson, Hope M)

Only rich people or upper class could afford to visit the seaside for a holiday. Poorer people could not afford to go on holiday.

Scarborough and Brighton were very popular places to visit. (Elsie-May)

People went bathing in the sea and men and women sometimes had their own beach. (Farrah)

In Guided Reading we learnt a new word “wealthiest” which means richest. (Ozzy)

On Wednesday we had one of our visits to the Junior School and spent the whole day there.  We really enjoyed ourselves and enjoyed seeing the older children. (Hope G)

Today, we have our Summer Fayre so we have been practising “What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor?” with actions. Also we have been practising and learning songs to sing at our Leavers Service. (Liliana)