Otter’s Blog 29.3.19

This week we have been very busy. We have challenged ourselves to complete lots of quizzes. We have tried very hard with completing a maths quiz and a reading quiz. (Farrah)

Also, we have made some lovely Mother’s Day cards using tissue paper to make pretty flowers. (Liam)

On Thursday, some Mad Scientists came to our school and did some really exciting experiments. We learnt how gravity works. What would happen to Tim Peake if he didn’t wear his spacesuit in space. We watched how a marshmallow (Tim Peake) got bigger when air was taken away from it. (Dylan)

In addition, we found out how medicines and cleaning products should be kept away from little children and that we should not touch these. We found out that these can make our skin or body poorly. (Scott)

Asa has achieved gold learner for his enthusiasm in writing.

We have also been learning how to recognise an odd and even number, (Luke)