Otters Class Blog – w/e 1.2.19

This week we have been learning how to count on in tens using an empty number line.  Some of us have been bridging 10s and 100s, which is very tricky to do!

In art we have made our own aliens out of clay.  We have added detail using pipe cleaners, feathers, cocktail sticks.  Emilia said we made different designs, such as spiky teeth and hairy heads.

For English we used a robot sheet to make sentences, but we had to add adjectives, verbs and adverbs to make the sentences more interesting.  We also had to draw a picture from our imagination, while listening to a descriptive piece of writing.  We were very impressed to see that they were all similar in detail.

In PSHE this week we practised our calm breathing again.  We then tried a new class challenge, where we had to roll the ball across the circle to each other, without talking.  This is harder than it sounds!

In PE we have been practising our routines again and as a special treat we got to do Just Dance