Owls Class Blog 28.09.18

We have had another busy week in Owls Class.

We read the story of Elmer and have been celebrating how important it is that we are all different.

‘We have been making an Elmer out of a milk bottle using coloured bits of tissue paper’ – Maddie, Ruby & Isaac

As part of our Talk for Writing learning we have been innovating our model text to make the story our own.

‘Mine was about a Unicorn whose horn was snapped’ – Poppy

‘My story was about a Rabbit whose leg got broke’ – Amelie

We have looked at some new sounds in our phonics sessions and read some more great stories delivered by the Phonics Fairy.

‘We have been learning a new sound ‘oy, oy’ joy of a toy’ – Lacey, Isla & Chidubem


In maths we have been learning about 2D shapes – Chidubem

This week we have been learning how to throw and catch in PE with Mrs Ash – Bella

We went on the Balance Bikes on Fit Friday – Ellah