Owls Class Blog 12.10.18

This week we spent the day at Pensthorpe.

‘My favourite part of the day was the big slide outside’ – Ella Sh, Jenson, Harrison, Phoenix, Isla, Bethany & Reggie

‘I liked the biggest slide in Hootz House’ – Erick, Logan, Lacey, Ruby, Harry S, Isaac & Bella

‘I enjoyed seeing the Red Squirrels’ – George, Holly, Kevin & Maddie

‘I liked the zip wire’ – Ellah B,Ava & Caitlin

Poppy enjoyed collecting leaves and sticks to put on her colour chart

Frankie enjoyed seeing the Cranes

Emily enjoyed making the balls fall on Miss Sampson’s head in Hootz House.’ I made a friend called Freddy and he is 2.’

Amelie liked seeing the Flamingoes

‘I enjoyed going to the Bat maze’ – Chidubem

Finlay enjoyed feeding the Geese by hand, he said they were friendly and ‘tickled my hand.’

Eli liked playing on everything outside.

Eliana and Mrs Chaplin really enjoyed the bridge outside because it moves ‘up and down’!

Savannas favourite was in Hootz House. ‘At the top there is a spinny thing in the Tree House where you sit on top of it and Bethany spun me round in it.’