Hedgehogs Class Blog Week beginning Monday 1st October 2018

I enjoyed listening to music by Vivaldi. I liked the ‘Spring’ music, it sounded quite evil sometimes. – Blake

I enjoyed learning about orchestras. I enjoyed learning about the string instruments. – Arthur

I enjoyed learning about subtraction calculations. – Elle

I enjoyed writing a story about finding something. I enjoyed creating my own story and then writing it down. – Primrose

I enjoyed writing down and working out subtraction calculations in my maths book. – Lacie

I liked doing balance-ability outside. – Aeryn

I enjoyed doing outdoor learning – I liked making my name out of natural objects. – Stanley

My favourite thing this week was subtraction and taking away from 10 (number bonds). – +Charlie

I enjoyed creating my own story and then getting it videoed on the iPad. – Evie

I liked doing my addition and subtraction calculations. – Kaia

I enjoyed having my story recorded on the iPad. – Isabella

I enjoyed learning about music. When I grow up, I will have lots of guitars. – Toby

I liked doing my subtraction calculations. – Lily-Rose

We liked creating paintings of instruments. – Hedgehogs class

I painted a picture of a guitar. – Farrah

I painted a picture of a drum. – Charlie

I painted lots of different types of instruments. I painted a drum, a xylophone and a drum. – Blake

I made a lego guitar. – Alfie

I made a guitar out of plastercine. – Peter

I made a humungous drum with black paint – it took ages! – Harley

I made an instrument a guitar out of plastercine. – Dexter

I made a drum out of clay! It took me a long time because I had to put in a lot of detail. – Elle