Owls Class Blog 21.09.18

We have been learning number bonds to 10 and 20. George Ava

I liked making numbers out of playdoh. Ruby

I liked PE. I liked playing golf. Bella

I liked using my fingers to paint trees of the 4 seasons. Maddie Holly

We have been learning the ‘ay’ sound. We read the book ‘Crayon.’ Poppy

I liked reading the book ‘Daisy Eat your Peas.’ Ava

Today is Fit Friday. Eli

I have liked learning about colours. Isla

I liked getting the cones in PE. Isaac

I liked running round in PE. Ellah

I have enjoyed making my own book in Challenge time. Chidubem

We have been learning a story about Sophie. She finds a horse with wings at the end of the rainbow. Amelie