Otters Class Blog 29.6.18

We have had a very busy week.  On Tuesday we visited the Junior School.  We had a tour and met our new teachers.  We made parrots and created a memory puzzle (Alyssa).

On Wednesday we went to the Royal Norfolk Show.  It was brilliant and fantastic!  (Chris, Fin, Amber).  We enjoyed lots of things included a dogshow (Riley), horse and cart demonstration (Charlie H), statues carved out of wood (Harry), sitting in in helicopter (Lucie), bubble making and lots more.

We wrote about our favourite things at the Norfolk Show (Amelia) and we have all written tongue twisters with a partner.  We tried to say them aloud as fast as we  could but some managed this better than others.  (Joe)

In maths we have searched for right angles in shapes ;and objects around the classroom and playground.  We made snakes with right angle mouths to helps us check and search for these.

In music we made badges for our minibeast groups.  Albie, Anton, Mehdi, Harry, Charlie H and Chris collaborated extremely well to create theirs.  They discussed their ideas and listened to each other to come up with their final design.