Rabbit Class Blog 25.5.18

“I loved getting a gold sticker for my home learning. I now have two!” said Dexter.

“I enjoyed making a story with the teacher.” Said Isaac.

“I enjoyed touching the chicks.” Said Maddie.

“I enjoyed reading How to grow a dinosaur. I made my own dinosaur mix!” said Zach.

“I enjoyed writing a story.” Said Prim.

“I enjoyed doing takeaways.” Said Toby.

“I enjoyed writing Jack and the beanstalk story.” Said Kaia.

“I am pleased to be move up book band!” said Chidubem

“I enjoyed learning about Jack and the Beanstalk and changing the characters.” Said Isla.

“I enjoyed doing the ladybird number bonds.” Said Evie.

“I enjoyed writing a story about Jack and the beanstalk, I got gold!” said Elle.

“I enjoyed writing about Little Red Riding Hood.” Said Holly.