Owls 2017-18

Owls Class Blog 11.05.18

‘This week we have been measuring.’ Ebony

‘We used rulers to measure things in the classroom. There are 30cm on a ruler.’ Wesley

‘We used metre sticks to measure the playground. It was 22m wide.’ Harry

‘We also used measuring tapes for measuring trees because a metre stick is not bendy and the tape can go around the tree.’ Finley

‘I worked with Finley to measure the tree.’ Caleb C

‘We were given a piece of paper and we had to make the longest worm we could with it. We went outside and measured them.’ Elise

We have carried on learning the story of Superworm.

‘We could dress up as Superworm and Wizard Lizard. People asked us questions about the story.  We asked Superworm, ‘How did you feel when Wizard Lizard waved his magic flower over you?’ Jenson

‘We wrote some speech bubbles for some of the characters in Superworm. We had to guess what they were saying.’ Samuel

‘We did some writing and had to use inverted commas. These tell us when someone is talking.’ Jude


‘We painted some frogs.’ Caleb W

‘We learnt about how frogs grow’. Jenson

‘This is a life cycle.’ Finley