Otters Class Blog – 25.5.18

In science this week we have investigated and learnt about the lifecycle of a ladybird. We drew a body and put the lifecycle on the circle. We then created wings and a head.

We also learned about food chains. All food chains start with a vegetable or plant, these are the producers. The prey is the one that gets eaten and the consumer is the one that searches for food. Humans are predators.

We have also been doing reading quizzes so we have been working really hard. In between doing the quizzes we have done lots of different activities in the hall, or outside. Outside we have been making domino caterpillars and a minibeast quiz and had to search for different facts around the playground. We also did some calculator work where we were code crackers and we had to work out how much each minibeast was worth.

Ant : a = 1, n = 14 and t = 20 All added together = 35

Can you find some minibeasts of your own and find out how much they are worth?

We also spent some time drawing Beatrix Potter characters. We then colour mixed and blended to paint them with accurate colours.