Otters Class Blog – 18.5.18

This week we have been working hard on boxing up a Peter Rabbit story.  We then created our own story using the boxes.  We then made the story more interesting and put it lots of detail by drawing out our S plan.  Today we wrote our new stories out in full showing a beginning, a problem, a solution and an end.

We have been very resilient this week as we have been doing lots of maths quizzes.  When we were not doing the quizzes we have done lots of fun activities outside the classroom.  Some of us did some gardening and planted some vegetables to harvest later in the year.  A group of us did a scavenger hunt looking for particular items around the school grounds and we then made a picture out of the items. We have also visited the library and been able to choose some new books.  We spent a lovely morning in the school hall creating and designing our own minibeasts.  We wrote facts about them and then some of us also attempted to build them out of lego and multilink.  A few of us designed minibeast houses.  Yesterday and today we have been code cracking. We used a code and calculators to find out the value of various minibeasts.

In music this week we have been very creative. We have been thinking again about the music we want to create for our minibeast groups and looked at the different instruments and their names.  We then talked as a class about how we could record which instruments we want to use and how we want to play them.

Our art this week was painting. We were blending and mixing to create different tints.  We started with a light colour and made it gradually darker by adding black a little at a time.  We painted caterpillars.

For PE Mrs Ash was teaching us Tri golf, following on from our success at the Tri golf competition.