Rabbit Class Blog 20.4.18

This term we started with two art days!

“I liked doing lots of art.” Said Holly.

“We learnt about Andy Warhol. We looked at his flower pictures. Three were the same colour and one was different.” Said Blake.

“I liked doing the flower printing.” Said Ella.

This week we also had a visitor!

“There were black muddy footprints on the grass!” said Isla.

“He left his big giant spoon!” said Zach.

“He was living in the school shed!” said Isaac.

“He was making BIG BANGS!” said Savanna.

“He said he liked stories.” Said Savanna

“He also liked fruit.” Said Stanley.

“I liked writing stories for the Giant.” Said Chidubem.

We also spent lots of time outside as it has been nice.

“I liked being outside with my friends.” Said Henry.

“I liked playing with the parachute.” Said Regan.

“I liked doing PE outside.” Said Zach.

“I liked playing in the water.” Said Henry.

“I liked playing teachers.” Said Dexter.