Otters Class Blog – 27.4.18

For English on Monday we looked at a riddle about a strawberry.  We then chose a minibeast and were resourceful in researching our minibeasts, using books and ipads.  We needed lots of information and facts about our minibeasts so that we could make our own What Am I riddles.

We also drew pictures of our minibeasts and today we illustrated our riddles, which will be on display in our corridor.

In maths we have been learning about money and how to add to sums of money together.  We partitioned the numbers to help us add them.

43p + 25p  = 68p

10+10+10+10              10+10                    60p

1+1+1                             1+1+                        8p

For science we investigated which parts of a plant we can eat and were surprised at how many different bits we can eat.  For example we eat stems when we eat asparagus, fruit when we eat pepper, leaves when we eat bay leaves and the root when we eat carrots!  We also learnt about the different parts of a plant and what they do.

In art we have painted different fruit, vegetables, flowers and birds and mice to put in our ‘Mr McGregor’s Garden’ display.  We looked very carefully at the detail on the plants and animals and tried to make our paintings as accurate as possible.