Hedgehogs 2017-18

Hedgehog Class Blog 27.4.18

On Friday the children in Hedgehog Class helped me to write this week’s blog but when I went to send it to the website it had disappeared!

So I am going to write this week’s blog on behalf of my class.

Mrs Angell

I have been incredibly proud of how hard my little Hedgehogs have been working this week. They have all faced different challenges so maturely, some have tried extra hard to sit still and listen better, some have completed double the amount of work asked of them and a couple of them have had to be brave and carry on even when they are missing home. I have enjoyed every minute I have spent with them this week and it has been a busy week!

We have really got in to our new topic this week. On Monday we created our own criteria for sorting things into those that are living and those that are non-living. This was hard and we had lots of discussion. We then used this to sort things in to living and non-living.

We then focused on living plants and we took our own photograph of a tree which we then used to label the parts of a tree.

We then made our own beautiful flowers which we also labelled. Our classroom is going to look so colourful when they go up on the walls.

In English this week we have been reading and writing poems about mini-beasts. We loved learning about alliteration and we used this in our own poems. We also practised our handwriting skills when we wrote them up in our best writing.

In maths we have been doing a lot of counting in 10’s and it has been great fun. To begin with we used a 100 square to help us but now a lot of us can do it without one!

There are so many other things we have done this week; we have played mini-beast games, made wormeries, painted giant mini-beasts for our home corner bug garden, made Lego flowers and built homes for mini-beasts. Finally we had our first golden time with Miss Brice which was art and she was very pleased with the pictures we drew and said she had enjoyed her time with Hedgehog Class.

What a lovely week . . . I wonder what fun we will have next week!