Rabbit Class Blog 23.03.18

This week we have been writing facts about an animal of our choice.

“I chose a tiger.” Said Lily-Rose. “They live in a hot country.” She added.

“I like making my own books on animals.” Said Chidubem.

“I enjoyed writing lots of books too.” Said Maddie

“I have enjoyed making pictures.” Said Primrose.

“I like phonics. We have learnt the word, said.” Said Elle.

“I like learning the new tricky troll words.” Said Ella.

“Ive enjoyed learning about hot places and cold places. I like writing about hot and cold animals.” Said Isla.

The tricky troll left some tricky number sentences!

“I did lots of adding.” Said Frankie.

“I enjoyed learning the number 17. That’s our number of the week!” said Blake.

We all dressed up on Friday of our favourite sports player for Sports relief. We discussed why we had sports relief.

“I’m a rugby player.” Said Toby.

“I’m a gymnast.” Said Evie.

“I liked playing on the field.” Said Holly.

“I liked playing with the PE equipment.” Said Chidubem.

“We played lots of games.” Said Finlay.

“I am looking forward to the school trip.” Said Dexter.