Rabbit Class Blog 23.2.18

This week we’ve been looking at non-fiction texts. Our penguin left us 10 books! We discussed non-fiction texts. The children learnt lots of information about different animals taking lots of interest in narwhals and jaguars!

“I enjoyed making an information book about hot and cold places.” Said Chidubem.

“I liked going on the computer and painting a Narwhal” said Blake.

“I enjoyed making a jaguar.” Said Elle.

“I’ve enjoyed reading the story Emperor’s Penguin.” Said Maddie.

“I enjoyed painting a power ranger.” Said Frankie.

“I enjoyed PE throwing bean bags to each other.” Said Isla.

“I enjoyed writing a story.” Said Evie.

“I enjoyed writing” said Savanna

“I like learning new sounds.” Said Thalia.

“I enjoyed playing tinkerbell and peter pan with Savanna.” Said Zach